Второй_Arc.exe is a female navi standing at 5'9. Второй_Arc has black hair that reaches to the top of her neck in the back, and brown eyes. She wears a skin tight, snow camo jumpsuit with matching Sharen military boot. Around her neck is a puffy coat collar, much like those on fancy fur coats, connected to the jumpsuit. She has a head set on, with the band going behind her head. Attached to the right side of the set is a green sheet of glass that covers the area around her eye that shows Arc some kind of data.

Второй_Arc is one to obey orders to the best of her abilities, expectally if they involve the destruction of viruses. She is smart enough to try and avoid friendly fire, but there will be moments where she would ignore it. She has a dislike of aquatic type viruses and navis, so do not expect her to be kind towards them.

Custom weapon: AKM with GP-25 Grenade Launcher mod.