Name: Lucia.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind

Standing at a simple 4'11", Lucia is somewhat short even for her teenage years. Though she is light coming in at only 103 lbs., she is just what one might expect of a young gymnast of 17 with eyes of pink. With a modest B cup bust, kept covered in a tightly stretched tube top that keeps her chest pressed in so as not to be a nuisance when running. Her navigator symbol, two quills of arrows crossed before a small flame, is set at the center of her back, keeping her top held together.
From head to bare foot toes she has creamy, fair looking skin that looks only faintly tanned. Covered only by her top and a pair of skin tight khaki biker's shorts matching her top to keep things modest, her flowing, soft crimson hair is hidden by a continual flame that keeps it flowing and uplifted in the air.
Her only accessories seem to be thin silvery charm bracelets around both wrists and ankles, though seeing these is a rarity as each is covered by a continue flame burning brightly around each wrist and ankle. Lastly she has a single silver ball stud piercing in each earlobe.

Created with the idea to help Vincent lighten up, Lucia is very high spirited, energetic and nearly always in a cheerful mood. She can be seen almost always smiling and skipping about while humming, whistling or even singing as she goes. And while her curiosity sometimes gets the better of her and gets her scolded for trying to hug a virus she finds cute, or push a big red button. She can at times let her fiery nature get the better of her. Erupting in a blaze of rage that threatens to burn up anything that gets to close.

Custom Weapon:
Always Lucia has a quiver of arrows hanging off her back while she travels the networks, the quiver looks simplistic with only 4 arrows peeking from the quick release clips on the inside to make sure they don't fall out randomly. As chips are sent they generally come in the form of a new arrow that appears in the quiver to be drawn and released.
At will the navi can summon her bow in a burst of fire that springs it to life out of thin air, the bow itself looks simular to an ancient compound longbow. Its smooth, finely crafted and polished wood, built to be both light and strong for battle.

Lucia wields many types of arrows within her quiver, but at their base she uses two simple arrows when stronger attacks aren't warranted.
Normal Shot: Arrow
Drawing up one of the arrows set in her quiver, Lucia draws it back and sends the arrow flying, dealing null typed damage from the strike.

Charged Shot: Flaming Arrow
Taking up an arrow and bringing it to full draw, the navi focuses upon it along with her target, setting the arrow on fire and empowering it with greater force. When loosed the bolt strikes its target with surprising force and burning flames.

To make up for her lack of close combat abilities, Lucia carries two oddly shaped arrows in her quiver. Having shorter shafts, and almost knife like arrow heads atop them, they are meant to be used more as a last resort for close combat.
Normal Shot: Blade Arrow
Drawing out two large tipped, short arrows from her quiver, Lucia is able to wield the oddly crafted bolts with surprising skill. And while they could not do well for ranged combat, it gives her blades to slice and stab at enemies that get to close.

Charged Shot: Burning Blade
Focusing upon the melee arrows, Lucia is able to empower them and set them aflame for a short time, causing her quick thrusts and stabs to pierce through armor and burn enemies brave enough to get close.

Blaze Aura:
To continue combating against the harsh nature of the various networks and viruses that exist, once again Lucia's operator has taken to making small adjustments to the systems . While on the net, Lucia's base systems emit a low pulse of heated energy about herself. While this pulse causes no harm to herself or her surroundings, it will burn apart most minor attacks and leave her safe from harm.
[Passive 20hp Barrier, 20x4=80SP]

Keen Eye:
After many battles and hard training, Lucia is able to target and track her enemies with ease. Allowing her attacks to hit their mark with greater effectiveness.
Summary: Passive Take Aim, 10x4=40SP

Archery Technique: High Ground
Like all hunters before her, Lucia has found the need to have the high ground upon the hunting grounds. As such she summons from beneath her an old staple, the Archer's Stand. First the navi summons up a walled 5' by 6' box with floor. Walls are 3' tall, plated and topped castle-like crenels to offer more protection while giving space to fire through more easily. With her armored fort created, stilt legs quickly raise the stand upwards to a full 15' above the battlefield, offering navi a skyward view from which battle from.
Fluff: While there is space for others, only 3 navis or SPs of reasonable size could fit in total, no Artio cannot fit.
Summary: 30HP Object(Fort Box) + 10HP Object(Stilts) = 40 sig points, 1TCD

Archery Technique: Stable Ground
Recognizing the growing need for controlled a controlled environment to practice archery and give her partner an edge in combat. Lucia performs a silent chant, and while it brings about no harm to any on the battlefield, the field itself changes where she deems fit, growing solid and taking a metalic shine.
Summary: Medium Metal Terrain, 40SP, 1TCD

Crimson Crusader:
It seems to be a requirement that all young, pretty little navi's have transformation ability and Lucia is no exception. With an eruption of power and a quick spin, the navi twirls about in a fiery blaze. The heat generated from the various flames upon her form cause a chain reaction with the data surrounding her. The first change is an orange jumpsuit that materializes over her nearly bare body. The jumpsuit acts as an under layer for sets of armor plates that are born of the fire she releases. Gauntlets, greaves, boots, skirt, chest plate, shoulder pads and helmet all solidify in a deep crimson hue around the navi, giving her a more warrior's appearance, despite the carefree, innocent program hidden beneath the armor.
Summary: 40HP Casing, 40SP, 1TCD

Eek! No Touchy!:
There are a lot of things that could make a beautiful young navi shriek in terror and react quite unpleasantly towards the cause. This is an extension of that reflex, tapping into the very flows of the winds that travel the net unseen. The navi delivers a mighty slap to the offender in such a force that not only does it leave them with a bright red, slightly steaming hand print, it also sends them flying!
Summary: Microburst , 40SP, 1TCD

Fire's Embrace:
Upon realizing the constant dangers throughout the net, Her operator has decided to add a small change to the base programming of his navi's fiery systems. Upon command, Lucia can draw upon the fires that blaze around wrists, ankles, even her hair setting the navi in alight in the soothing flames. The blaze is able to purify damaged areas and restore minor problems to her framework.
[30HP Healing to Target, 40SP, 1TCD]

Raging Tempest:
By drawing in the unseen breezes and flows of wind within the area around her, Lucia is able to create a small orb of might winds, which she then sends towards her enemies. At her whim the orb of swirling winds explodes outwards forming a sudden, raging tornado. The very winds themselves are so strong they begin slicing through anything unfortunate enough to be caught within its wake. However due to her novice abilities to control such a violent tempest, she often gets herself injured during its creation.
Summary: 10 Null x 6 hits + Slashing + Blast 2(x2) + Sacrifice(15hp to add 20 to cap) = 120SP, 3TCD

Sol's Arrow
Setting herself in an oblique stance, Lucia draws an arrow and brings it to full draw. Once in place she begins to transfer some of her fire's data into the arrow soon setting it completely ablaze. Releasing the empowered arrow to smash into its target with surprising force.
Summary: 60 Fire Damage + Break, 80SP, 2TCD
Graphic Model Overrides:

Level-0 GMO: Winter Wear.GMO
What happens when you let a fire navi with no real idea of modesty design her own winter outfit?

Once burning hair is extinguished and shortened into soft aqua shade that darkens near tips resting just above shoulders. Keeping ears warm are simple aqua blue earmuffs with pink holder between, resting at the connection is a small navi's symbol on each.

Around neck is soft, long scarf that wraps around and ends up hanging down clear to just below knees. Shoulders and arms are left bare thanks to very tightly fitting sports bra styled top. Brown cotton fabric with pink stitching and matching pink straps to wrap around just beneath bust and sides to act as straps to hold it up. Zipper goes up the center to allow to be loosened or drawn up tight to neck when cold. Mid chest and stomach are left exposed while below she wears matching bikini bottom with simular pink strap acting as belt to keep them snug and in place, and while just for show, thin zipper runs front to back down the center.

Below is simular thigh high stockings topped with more pink straps to keep them from falling while pink stitches run down sides, ending in a pair of matching snow boots with fluffy white top and pink souls. The final touch to the outfit is a pair of matching gloves with three buckled straps to adjust tightness and white cotton top to keep warm with.

While the outfit offers almost nothing to actually protect from the harsh Sharo elements, her fiery nature is what keeps her warm in such a skimpy looking outfit. Like her other GMOs, hip quiver appears when in battle while her bow can be summoned in a flurry of snow.

Level-5 GMO: Casual Wear.GMO
Seeing a need to look less threatening while around other navis, Lucia has finally found a look she enjoys.

Her normal fiery appearance is lost along with her tan, while hair loses its lift and shade for a cheerier bubble gum pink purple shade, drawn up in very loose pony tail while bangs are left hanging over shoulders. Around neck is a set of expensive looking noise canceling stereo headphones connected to small MP3 player hanging from her hip.
Beneath that hangs loose fitting black tank top covered by purple sleeveless vest held together by single clasp just between her bust to keep things modest as she wears no bra beneath. Her navi symbol rests just above left breast on the vest.

Further down is deep pink short skirt that travels down to mid-thigh and ends with white frill trim. Wrapped around legs is a pair of tan thigh high stockings that come up just beneath skirt meaning hints of skin is exposed randomly while she walks or other movements.

Finishing the new look is a pair of deep purple mid-calf, one-inch heeled boots with pink zipper and trim with very oversized zipper pulls that click lightly while she walks.

For battle in this form a slender hip quiver appears around her hips hanging to one side, and her usual bow makes its appearance in a flurry of flowers rather then flames.

Level-10 GMO: Swimsuit.GMO
Lucia's normal fiery appearance is abandon for something more suited for beach going summer fun.

Dawning herself in a one-piece competition swimsuit, both front and butt of the design are deep, royal purple while side stripes and X strap back are a much lighter shade of the same color. The suit itself is slightly less constricting then her normal attire, allowing her bust to show its proper endowment even if such is a modest B cup. Her once crimson hair darkens and shifts in shade to a deep grayed purple accompanied by strands of pink to act as highlights throughout. The only distinguishing mark upon the suit is the navi's own symbol, which rests on left butt cheek just under her hip.

Around her neck rests a pair of goggles, black frames and band while the lenses have a mirror coat metalic purple that both protects from sunlight as well as allows ease of seeing in the water. Her silver wrist and anklets abandon for a single lap watch around her left wrist. Though perhaps more covering then her normal attire, she seems to have gotten a slightly richer tan more befitting a time at the beach.

Quiver and bow are abandon, instead navi moves with beach towel wrapped around her hips, a fiery orange towel with a much larger navi symbol taking up most of it. Final accessory is the large purple beach umbrella to protect her from sun and surf, or those random summer rains.

Halloween Gift GMO: WolfWoman.GMO
Lucia keeps her patented tight khaki tube-top and shorts, and her silvery charm bracelets around both wrists and ankles. Everywhere else on her body is covered in fur. Rich, dark crimson fur covers every area of her bare skin. The fur also ripples as if it were flames and not fur. Wolven paws cover her hands and feet, with the ones covering her hands more like padded, articulate gloves.

On top of her head she wears the head of a wolf. The head is not a full mask, but more of a pelt. You can see her face, which has black makeup on her nose and drawn on whiskers. And the wolf head pelt is up and around her face like she is staring out of its mouth, like it is devouering her head. With teeth coming down from both above her vision, and from around the collar of her neck up.

Halloween Gift GMO: Solar Witch.GMO
In this form, Lucia's outfit transforms into that of an orange-clad witch outfit. Her original tanktop and biker shorts are replaced with a sleeveless orange tunic, combined with a skirt that goes down to about halfway down her thighs. The tunic goes around her neck and waist, leaving her back exposed, with the back of her neck holding her navigator symbol.

Her arms are covered in skintight arm sleeves, colored black. These are fingerless, going from above her elbow to just at her knuckles. Imprinted on the back of the hand of these arm sleeves is an orange sun motif stencil. Atop her head, an oversized pointed black witch's hat sits loosely, with the same orange sun stencil imprinted on the front. The one on her hat, however, has a large sharp-teethed grin on the sun. Her charm bracelets are left intact and burning.

Element: Null
Subtype: Guts
Bonuses: +10 Damage to all Null chips.

Lucia goes through a complete full on change when entering this cross. First and for most she dons a full black spandex jumpsuit, over which deep royal blue frock covers. Both front and back split above hips to allow twin flaps to hang down to her ankles. Above this a breastplate of armor is donned with new crest upon the center. A burning stone tower, representing the shared fusion of the two navi's. Spaulders also form over shoulders, and couters around each elbow. Completing the attire are white silk gloves, greaves and plated boots. At hip rests the sheath for her new extended Rapier, finely crafted with golden swept hilt. Her once fiery hair deepens to a dark crimson, and loses its once wavy flow, resting upon shoulders, while pink eyes darken down to match.

Lucia gains more sense of focus and chivalry, in battle she sets her sights fully upon her goals and will not faultier until her objective is complete. Preferring to charge her opponents down and strike at them at close range.

Custom Weapon:
Abandoning her fiery bow, the navi instead takes the new blade at her side in hand. A slightly extended Rapier, well built and powerful, though like all rapiers it's meant for quick thrusts instead of slashing. She wields it with all the strength and prowess of a professional fencer.

Cross Signatures

Active Signatures:

Passive Signatures
Combat Prowess: One Instance of Movement
(20 pts x4 = 80 pts)
With her new found Fencing skills and focus, Lucia gains increased speed and reflexes to allow for faster movement on the battlefield.

Saluki Cross
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind
Bonuses: +10 Damage to all Wood chips.

Appearance: In this form Lucia's usual fiery appearances seems to almost have been put out as her ever burning hair darkens and cools until becoming a mass of smoky tendrils that seem to drift and float about aimlessly. The same can be said for her cuffs, as the fires from them become nothing more than a constant flow of ashen mist. Donning herself in a simple light gray one piece leotard, hidden away by the somewhat surprising grayish pink robe. The sleeves of which drop only to elbows, with free hanging cloth extending to her wrists. The robe itself goes only to mid thigh, leaving her bare legs unhindered to allow ease of movement. The back holds a large, scorched tangle of vines with beautiful black roses set about randomly. From the band around her left wrist, handing by 4 inch long, almost invisible thread hangs a small death knell. Perhaps the most off setting aspect of her new attire, is a gray ribbon choker wrapped tightly around her neck. A bleached white skull set upon the center of her choker, looking to be slightly oversized on the ribbon. Lastly, she dons a very traditional looking white Kitsune Mask to shield her face. Dolled up in similar war makeup that her vixen friend puts on.

Lucia becomes more mature and calm in this form. Her anger seeming to always be in check or reserved, rarely will she have an emotional outburst, instead she simply strikes, regardless of what her foe may be.

Custom Weapon:
Drawing her bone choker from her neck, Lucia grips the skull tightly, the gray ribbon turns to a thin smoke and expands itself outwards, forming into the shape of a ghostly recurve bow. Hidden beneath her robe at her hip is a small quiver, which arrows can be drawn from.

Cross Signatures

Active Signatures:

(2x10 Multi-Hit Wood Damage, Shot)
Floating adrift around Lucia, seeming to be hanging from an invisible string, is a small half foot tall plushie doll. Large stray stuffed knapsack head with sown up smile and little black buttons for eyes. Held in place by the 4 rung noose around its tiny neck. Beneath hangs a small pair of shoulders from with skeletal hands slip free. Beneath is nothing more than the torn rags, its body and stuffing long since fallen away. Held tightly in one boney hand is a short blowpipe, from which it sends two poison darts at unsuspecting targets.
Name: Artio (Arty)

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Subtype: Guts

Artio is a large feral beast, looking much like an oversized wolf standing 4½ feet tall at the shoulders and near 8 feet from nose to tail tip. Having thin dark navy fur that's smooth to the touch, save a thick white mane and rough, stiff tail. Throughout its body the occasional sparks can be seen passing across his fur randomly, showing the constant charge it holds. Having short triangular ears and deep set muzzle helps define the creature, with solid dark blue eyes, instead of the usual pupils they appear more like globes of constantly shifting plasma. His most defining feature are that of his fangs and claws, which appeared to be black though upon closer look they appear to be cosmic in nature looking like celestial constellations and stars continuously shift across them.

Artio's is usually calm and relaxed, meaning any could easily come and touch his fur without fear of being shocked. In battle his mindset is more befitting such a feral creature, often roaring out and attacking without the slightest appearance of mercy. Tactical and loyal he acts as a bodyguard to Lucia, seeming to have no problems with her bubbly personality.


Bestial Guard:
Seeing a need to offer Lucia's guardian some true protection, Vincent opted to script and program in an advanced set of armor simular to Lucia's that's meant for Artio himself. Base later is a warm cloth and black leather trap that conceals the wolf's back, chest and limbs in first layer of protection. Then comes the custom designed facial armor known in the olden days as a Chanfron. Atop this face guard is a heavily plated, armored helmet built to allow full range of vision as well as protection. More crimson plates scale down the back of the beasts neck and down around back and middle. Curves and contours shape a possible saddle for Lucia to ride without risk of falling. Completing the armor is wrapped tail bind ending with a solid spiked mace ball.
Summary: 120HP SP Casing = 120SP, 3TCD