Null/Void (Shadow)
Appearance: Although flickering constantly, Noir nevertheless retains the shape of a spiky-haired man wearing, based on his outline, a pair of pants alongside a shirt and vest. His build is rather lean, perhaps even a little lanky, and you can tell by the distinct sound they make that he wears thick, hard-soled boots. The rest of his details, such as hair color, age, skin tone, and so on are impossible to make out; Noir is a navi that appears to be purposefully unrendered, and light bends around him as though avoiding a blight on its' presence. This is exacerbated by the fact that smaller, willowy shadows spiral out from his form at inconsistent intervals, making even his silouette often hard to distinguish. Perhaps the one distinct thing about his shadows are their recognizably blue hue.

Personality: Cocky or humble? Headstrong or level-headed? A berserker, or a paladin? Noir is all of these things and neither, swapping freely between personality traits-- sometimes unwillingly. Perhaps the one trait of his that remains constant is his determination. Even when not actively pressing towards a goal, even when he is talking, or relaxing, and especially in those rare moments where he quietly contemplates, Noir keeps his goals in mind. Keeps what he wants, what he is pushing forward towards, in mind. His goals are his own, and sometimes, they are his everything.

Passive: Efflorescence
Noir's unique nature exudes from him constantly, forming a cloud of concentrated shadow around him. This cloud has a mind of its' own, and will damage anything that steps into it, even for a short time.
[5 Nova2 Passive damage]
[40 cost]

Active: Shadow Grip
A hand formed of condensed shadows latches onto the target, searing them with a burning grip.
[20 damage]
[20 cost]
[1 TCD]