Name: Exorcist.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Wood

Type: Sword

Appearance: Burt's navi, Exorcist, resembles a young girl of the age of perhaps seventeen or eighteen. Despite her child-like face, Burt took liberties to give her as glamorously proportioned of a body as he could without it being too noticeable beneath her robe. Her face is very expressive with clear blue eyes and a cute smile that drives Burt into frenzies. Exorcist's hair is white and long, extending down nearly to her feet. Since her original reveal, it's feathered outward somewhat, as have her bushy, parted bangs; she no longer ties it with a ribbon. Her eyebrows are black, despite her hair color.

Exorcist's new hat is a Mandarin-style cap with a black, even rim, fitting close to the head. Inside and rising slightly above the black portion is a yellow dome, topped with a black, short tassle. Her modified outfit includes some of the same elements as her original: it is still primarily yellow in color and still fairly conservative. The outermost layer consists of a yellow robe, with wide sleeves detached from its main body, showing her shoulders through. The sleeves are held on by a black thread of rope, attached discretely at the back of her metallic black belt, a carryover from her old costume. Her emblem still occupies its same place in the center of the belt, inset into a circular plate. The robe continues down into a yellow back beneath the waist, falling to about her thighs. The front is open, save for a modestly wide black cloth, which hangs the same length as the back cloth. A tassled rope, white instead of black, frames the cloth and tucks into her belt. This portion and also the sleeves can only be comfortably removed by unlatching the belt, which has a hidden breakaway point at its back. If it's taken off, the robe will also open.

New to Exorcist's outfit are black gloves and boots, made out of a metallic substance similar to her belt and extending to her elbows and knees respectively. The fit is very close, allowing her hands and feet to retain most of their shape, although each shoe has a combined toe. At the knuckles and knees are mixed white and black plates in the style of a yin-yang symbol, elongated to an elliptical shape. While the lower are mostly cosmetic, the others now act as a port, separating in half and allowing her to dispense charm tags. These charm tags are printed as they roll out, ordinarily utilizing ink. Her most powerful charms require her own blood instead, but the plates now automate the process without the need to create a slit. This changes little besides making it so that Burt doesn't have to see her cut herself.

The black undersuit has been modified into a shape like a long-sleeve turtleneck sweater, although slightly tighter. It extends down to just above her thighs, providing her enough coverage so as not to be indecent from any angle, more so with the robe over. The sleeves are ordinarily tucked into her gloves; her calves and feet are bare beneath her boots. She wears another garment underneath this as well, but it's highly unlikely there will ever be need to discuss it.

Emblem: Exorcist's navi emblem resembles something like the shape of a human head (more of an indistinct egg from further away) with a wisp rising from behind it, symbolizing the hidden enemy that she fights.

Personality: Exorcist is too naïve for her own good. Created as a tool for Burt's own twisted theory, she takes her job very seriously, and treats every virus encounter as important. She firmly believes that they are all the physical manifestations of evil, infectious spirits that cause humans to do malicious things. She believes that navis are just as susceptible to the infection as humans are, perhaps more so since the strength of the evil seems to increase on the net, giving it physical form.

Besides her fanatic viewpoint, Exorcist is relatively easy to get along with. She has problems with Burt's attitude and lifestyle with the exception of his crack pot theory. She admires people who are saviors to others.

Backstory: Created by Burt Blanchard almost immediately upon the foundation of Burt's theory of Counterinfectionism, Exorcist was a tool by which Burt planned to venture onto the net, not only to spread his message outside of his own sad, sad ghost-town of a blog, but also to eliminate the evil threat that had manifested itself physically upon the net. She has never had any objections about her role, although she sometimes envies the lives of navis who can fight more casually.

Custom Weapon: Although she has many, many weapons at her disposal, Exorcist can also use her hands. Using the style of "Jian Zhi" (Sword Hands), she attacks foes using her extended middle and index finger. The effect of impact is more of a burn than a cut.

Signature Attacks:

(340/500 used)

Chi Barrier (100 points):
Focusing her thoughts, Exorcist steadies her breathing and creates an aura of deflection using her chi. It is said that this exorcist technique is so powerful that extensive use of it can shorten its user's lifespan. History has shown its effects in the lives of many Taoist abbots.
(Create 120 HP barrier, sacrifice 15 HP)

Pious Candle (60 points):
Summoning a stick of incense and lighting it quickly, Exorcist says a prayer to the deities of the stars. The deities in turn grant her protection and allow the flames from the candle to dance along with her attacks, propelled by a divine wind.
(Folder Resistance + Imbue Fire)

Catching Circle (20 points):
After creating a circle with her own blood, Exorcist uses a spell that draws a single entity to the location by laying bait for evil spirits. This can allow her to easily weed out the evil in a room and destroy it before it escapes.
(Gravity, Sacrifice 15 HP)

Borrowing Life (60 points):
To fulfill her job of warding evil from an area, Exorcist draws energy from the world around her. She considers this energy a loan, like a mutual trust between her and the Earth itself.
(45 heal)

Ritual Talisman (100 points):
Exorcist summons a crudely formed talisman that can be thrown, attaching to the enemy and bursting into white flames. The talisman's strength depends on the chi force of its user. The intent of the technique is to sap the strength of malicious spirits or demons inhabiting the person's body. Even in the supposedly good, it will produce a strong draining of strength.
(20 damage shot type + Stun + Hold)


TraceurCross (Level 1)

Element: Elec

Subtype: Recovery

Description: Exorcist, inspired by an urge to help her ally, has undergone a change which allows her to tap into Traceur's efficient and expedient skills of commanding the field and assisting his allies. Summoning Traceur's powers, her body surges with the power of electricity and her thought processes are quickened. Exorcist's hat becomes a more modern black cloth type with a square top and a bill extending from the front, designed with a red cross print on the front. Her skin-suit is modified to more of a short-sleeved top with a low hem. Over her chest is a gray, kevlar jacket, much like Traceur's own. Two gloves, one black and one white, adorn her hands and a khaki miniskirt with deep pockets and a three inch inseam extends down her upper thighs (although the shirt itself runs at full length down to the hips). The outfit is complete with black boots that feature soles ridged for traction.

Buster: Exorcists uses her formerly sword-oriented hands as two guns, pointing them with the index and middle fingers extended forward like one might when miming the position. She fires bullets formed from a small concentration of her chi.

Charge Shot: Using more chi, Exorcist can fire a larger bullet with a special charge. Fairly self-explanatory, it is like her ordinary shot, but using more of her energy.

Signature Attack(s):


Electric Tension- Exorcist's new power gives her a greater sense of the urgency of making every action count in combat and commanding the field through quick action. The sense of urgency is aided by minute static pulses that surge throughout her body, quickening her reaction time by tapping key muscles in response to her brain patterns. While crossed with Traceur, Exorcist can make her every action seem to count for more as she trumps her opponents actions through quick movement.
- Movement action x 4
- 2 turn CD

DjinniCross (Level 1)

Element: Fire

Subtype: Shadow

Description: Exorcist, inspired to outperform her usual self and acquire the speed and style of Djinni, adopts a mindset of energy and enthusiasm. In this form, she wears no hat and instead adopts elements of Djinni's hairstyle, utilizing a golden band to draw her ponytail higher than its normal orientation. Golden ear-guards bearing her emblem cover her ears still, although they are not embedded in an undersuit.

A shining, crimson full body cape adorns her shoulders and drapes down. Gold silk inside laces the cape around her arms in an intricate fashion, causing it to move whenever she gestures. Despite its grand appearance, the cape seems well-tailored to the point that it does not hinder her movement. The inside surface of the fabric is glistening and gold.

Beneath the robe, she wears a gold-colored flaxen band around her chest with words in Whazzapian text, although even she's not aware of what it means. The top's fairly immodest, failing to cover the upper and lower bounds of her breasts. On her lower body, she wears a pair of loose, white, silken pants; they fan out greatly before tightening at the ankles, where they tuck into her curled-toe golden shoes. The pants are held up by a golden cord around the waist, outfitted with a large plate displaying her own emblem.

Buster: Exorcist uses her hands as sabers; this requires utilizing the full of both hands in closed-fingered chops.

Charge Shot: Using more chi, Exorcist performs a devastating cross chop with both hands.

Signature Attack(s):


Burning Blood (20) - Exorcist's own blood adopts the ability to work as an ignition oil, lighting her regular blades and weaponry with mystic fire. It must be some sort of genie magic, right?
- Imbue Fire x1
- Passive

DNRCross (Level 1)

Element: Elec

Subtype: Sword

Description: Exorcist, inspired by enthusiasm for her work, adopts a mindset that seems like uncharacteristic self satisfaction. Her medical knowledge becomes acute, as she inherits some of DNR's know-how (although her tools may still be lacking). Her usual yellow garment is swapped out for a fuchsia colored nurse's skirt and short-sleeved top. Her undersuit becomes blue.

Exorcist wears a light purple nurse's cap with a stethoscope that clips to the front of her shirt and is connected into her ear guards. Her hair is done back in a rather large bun at the back of her head, tied with a big fuchsia ribbon.

Buster: Exorcist uses her and left hand as a scalpel. Her right hand, when held with the fingers together in a tight 90 degree angle and thumb outward, can actually be used to dispense a form of anesthetic. The anesthetic appears like a transparent, white gas.

Charge Shot: Using more chi, Exorcist thrusts in her scalpel hand and twists to pry open a wound. What a reckless technique!

Signature Attack(s):

Happy Gas (80) - Exorcist draws the enemy in with a quickly formed, relatively weak catching circle. Once they're close, she releases a burst of anesthetic gas into their face. The enemy will fall asleep if it's effective. Note: the gas may cause strange mutations in the target as well. This stuff is unsanitary and not approved by the medical community!
- Sleep + Glitch, melee attack
- Pull
- 2 TCD

SharpCross (Level 1)

Element: Null

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Counterinfectualism is not so different from working as a blade for hire; both are professionals whose daily lives revolve around battle. Inside even the most enlightened and disciplined of these fighters lurks a creature that craves and enjoys battle. Inspired by SharpMan's... passion for his work, Exorcist takes on a new form.

A black kimono with a nearly untraceable pattern of dark gray, jagged lines across its surface replaces Exorcist's modest yellow attire. This part consists of a long kimono top and black, wide-legged hakama. The kimono closes low at the waist, showing off her impressive bustline and the silver, metallic bikini she wears underneath. The kimono is made more imposing with the addition of dark, silver armor, which loops the shoulders like a mantle and also features a belt, gloves, and boots (the sleeves and legs partially hide some of these and the metallic segments mostly cover the hands and feet, with the rest being a lighter mesh that will avoid catching on fabric. The hands and toes are both pointed into wicked shapes. From the mantle hangs a short, black cape, covered in tears and slashes.

Her hair is worn down and her hat is removed. A silver open-faced mask, framing the face and turning into something like a crown of thorns at the brow, is added. Her hair rolls out unimpeded from behind but held away from her forehead at the front.

Buster: Exorcist spreads the fingers of both hands, making them function like blades fans. Rather than chop, they cut their with chi projected into jagged ridges around the center point. There is no mercy in these hands!

Charge Attack: Places both hands together so that the tips of her left hand's fingers touch the bottom of her right hand's palm, and thrusts her chi into one point. Even where it is not effective, the slicing pain produced should not be wished upon anyone.

Signature Attacks:

Make it Hurt (80): A lifetime of discipline and good intentions unravel as Exorcist is consumed by the ego that comes with being good at hurting others. With no focus on controlling her aura, transparent black waves project wildly like jabbing knives, hurting those around her indiscriminately.
- 10 damage slashing nova 2
- Passive

.GMO Appearance Change Files

Swimsuit.GMO (Level 0)

Burt made certain to get Exorcist's swimsuit custom designed as soon as he purchased his PET and created his navi in anticipation of the event of a beach outing. Exorcist's swimsuit is a glamorous design that accents the chest more than she'd like, but is at least conservative enough not to show the mid-drift. The outfit is black with a white floral star design covering it in a spaced pattern. The suit is complete with two accessories, a yellow cloth around the hips with "PEACE" written across in bold letters and a connecting ring of prayer beads. In the case that one were to actually swim in the outfit, these accessories would ideally first be removed.

Her weapons receive no aesthetic changes.

Fundoshi.GMO (Level 5)

Description: Based on Carmen's loincloth design that Exorcist wore during her first SP mission, this outfit consists of two parts. On the upper body, Exorcist's breasts are covered by a wrap of white cloth, forming a strapless bikini that stays well but doesn't repress much. The lower body is covered by a wrapped red loincloth. The back is open, covered only by the taught strap of a fundoshi, which runs between the legs on both sides. The knot is tied up at the top of the arch of her buttocks, at the center of the back. The cloth that hangs covering the front displays a message in white letters, similar to the writings on her own talismans. The writing prays for blessing from the Taoist's patron saint Matsu, asking for divine protection. Does it work? If Exorcist can avoid damage while wearing this thing, she may very well have divine providence. Exorcist's hair is down in this form, which actually often acts as a good curtain to hide the immodest back of the fundoshi. A fairly lengthy red towel is draped across her shoulders, but a better strategy than fighting with it there can be to tuck it into the fundoshi during battle, or even tie it around one's head to act as a sweatband.

School.GMO (Level 10)

Description: In this form, Exorcist swaps out her outfit for a white, short-sleeved shirt with a dark green skirt and tie. The skirt is marked over with a white plaid pattern. Short black socks and white tennis shoes are worn, allowing decent mobility. Her hair adopts a style with a tight, slender tail, held with a green scrunchie. This form has no cap or undersuit. She wears a black and yellow armband featuring the word "COUNTERINFECTUALISM" around it in black. The look is something like a hall monitor's designation.

PartyDress.GMO (Level 15)

Exorcist's robe and hat are swapped out for a new ensemble, appropriate for social gatherings, parties, or simply "going out." A yellow dress, similar to the color of her classic outfit, begins in a triangle at the neck, held around by a V-shaped strap neckline. The dress is narrow at the waist and flares a the hips, ending at a reasonable length down the thighs, just above the knees. A black belt is drawn at the waist, but the dress will hold its shape even without the belt. The shoulders are bare, but a black, cropped jacket covers them, cutting off at the wrists. The jacket is designed to be worn open and does not have buttons or a zipper. She wears black, high-heeled sandles with straps criss-crossing partway up the shins. Her wrists are covered with matching, criss-crossed black bracelets, but they won't be seen unless the jacket is off. A bit of jewelry finishes tying it together, including a close-fitted necklace of green marbles and matching orb-shaped earrings. Her feathered hair is styled a bit more neatly and held into a long ponytail by a simple black ribbon, going back to the old-fashioned look.

Lookalike.GMO (Gift)
Description: Exorcist's wardrobe is exchanged for relatively simple clothes compared to her usuals. For her upper body she gets a thick sweater with horizontal green and purple stripes adorning them. On the back of this sweater is Exorcist's emblem. On the front of the sweater are the letters 'B RT' in bright red, with a red heart taking the empty space. For pants she gets a pair of black slim-fitting jeans and to finish her outfit she gets a pair of shiny black shoes. Adorning her face is a half-circled pair of glasses with a silver rim. Her hair has been styled in pigtails, but made messy on purpose. While her mastery over 'Jian Zhi' remains untouched, all her amulets and tags are replaced for cards that feature her Operator Burt in various exciting poses.
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground

Appearance: Bhikkhuni is a short, dark-skinned girl with the complexion of one from Yumland. Her eyes are very similar to Exorcist's, large and bright blue, but the difference in their attitudes makes it hard to draw this connection. Her hair is long and dark brown, parted away from her forehead and kept in four rings, one pair at each side of her head. Her body really isn't much to look at and still looks like a little girl's. She dresses in a dark green robe with a black chest protector and another thin, white robe underneath. A black undersuit covers her body beneath all of this. Atop her head sits a black-dyed monk's takuhatsugasa shade made of durable woven straw. A white ring on her hat shows her emblem, which has changed to match Exorcist's. Her weapon is a golden shakujo that, at best, can be used to whack somebody. The shakujo's traditional use is to aid in warding off spirits and also keep small bugs and creatures out of the way of the footsteps of men.

Personality: The SP goes back on her appearance of being a Buddhist priest on a minutely basis. She was apparently told by her former operator to go on a journey to find her religion. The journey he described, to her disdain, was becoming an SP. She understands the value of reaching nirvana, however, so she has devoted her life to being a great assistant now, hoping that the payout will be big once she reaches enlightenment. Her #1 motivation in life is self-profit and making the most of her situation. She is still like a little girl in a lot of aspects, however, namely preferences. She is world-wise, but not exactly smart. Bhikkhuni sees Exorcist and Counterinfectualism both as cash cows and would love to exploit them, but she sees Burt as a doofy accomplice at best. While she respects his desire to use Counterinfectualism selfishly and achieve a perfect world, she realizes the stupidity of his methods. She resigns herself to go along with him anyways, as per her role as an SP.

Supposedly, her usefulness as a navi and SP is in using her shakujo to fight. She's pretty inept in combat, however, and can't do much more than a support role. Her best ability is to "purify an area" and return it to a natural state.


Nirvana Ground Wave (80 points):
Bhikkhuni focuses and releases a wave of peaceful energy by ringing her shakujo, transforming the land into a mixture of beautiful green grass and soft soil. The land is returned to its natural state... Well, using the term "nature" a little creatively.
(Large area grass terrain locally + Large area soil terrain further away)


School.GMO (Free)

Bhikkhuni wears a white and green school uniform, in sailor-suit style, with a brighter green around the neck. Similar bows adorn her hair at the connection point of her strange hair rings. Her shoes are shiny and black with long, white socks reaching up to her knees. No hat or undersuit is worn with this .GMO. A black and yellow band matching Exorcist's adorns one arm. Her chest-guard is swapped out for a bright green backpack. Bhikkhuni doesn't like the look because it makes her look too much like a kid.

Swimsuit.GMO (Level 5)

Bhikkhuni's hat and robe are swapped out for a green bikini. The bikini has white frills around the straps of the top and around the waist of the bottom, giving her a cute, childish look. Her hair is let down, styled only with a big sunflower clip at one side. It looks much more girlish and wavy than it lets off in its normal style. She wears flip-flops as well, which also carry the sunflower pins at the upper straps. She still carries her golden shakujo, which looks a little weird without all of the other stuff.

PartyDress (Level 10)

Swapping out her robe, chest protector, and sedge shade, Bhikkhuni achieves not an adult look, but a party appropriate one, at least. She wears a black chiffon dress with green grass blades patterned onto its surface. Her shoulders are left bare, while the collarbone is mostly covered due to the square-shaped silhouette of the dress near the neck. The dress is secured around the waist by a thick belt of gold chains. It extends down to her knees, maintaining a lot of swish as it stays loose from the hips. Her hair keeps its ringed style, with gold rings added to accessorize. Her feet are covered by close-toed black high heels (unfortunately, she's still not very tall, regardless of that addition). A gold choker and bracelets add a bit more color to the outfit, though one might wonder if it isn't too rich for a Buddhist professing to be rid of materialism.
Name: Mary.SP
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Recovery

Appearance: Mary is a tall woman, half-a-head taller than Exorcist, with good measurements befitting a mature woman. Her figure is what one might call "motherly," with soft features and especially large breasts. Her hair is long, wavy, vibrantly pink, and constantly shimmers as if wet (yet it does not look greased or oiled, but rather, drenched with new moisture). Her skin is soft and very fair. Her eyes are a sort of clouded blue color; she almost always keeps them closed. She wears makeup with long eyelashes and painted lips. Her face usually keeps a calm, pretty expression, although she often lights up an enigmatic, curving smile.

She dresses in a white nun's habit with a red-and-gold clergly cloth slung across her shoulders. Other adornments to her habit are also gold. Her shoes are actually vibrantly red boots, but they're usually hidden underneath the hem of the robe. Beneath the robe, she wears another long shirt over a pale gray navisuit.

Along her belt, several hanging vials of holy water are attached with different shapes and volumes. Her emblem, which now matches Exorcist, hangs around her neck attached to a golden chain, which is woven into the shoulder/neck section of her habit.

Personality: Mary is a kind, motherly figure who seems pleasant, although slightly guarded in her opinions. She is highly tolerant of almost any form of nonsense, abuse, or prejudice. Seemingly, she's the ideal nun. In reality, Mary took up life as an SP and left her convent for a similar reason to Bhikkhuni. Although she won't admit it to anyone, she's something of a sex addict and is very wise in all matters related to fornification.

She's taken a serious oath of chastity now, however, and is trying hard not to break it... Mary's thoughtfulness and goodwill towards others aren't an act or anything, but the sex-craving side of her is another just as real part that she has to keep subdued. She believes that serving as an SP with a stable lifestyle and less privacy for herself might help her get over her addiction.

Although almost any observer will believe she is blind and she states as much herself, those who have enough time to study her actions will realize this is a lie. Nobody is really certain why she's pretending to be blind, but "the eyes of God" become a convenient excuse that allows her to overcome most situations...

She sees Burt and his navis as cute children who may need her guidance to get along.


Baptism of Faith (80 points):
Mary baptizes an ally with holy water from one of her bottles. Supposedly, if the navi is pure of heart, they will be healed by the grace of God. It's all of the fun of in-battle HP recovery with the fun of splashing water all over your friends!
(60 HP recovery)


School.GMO (Free)

Mary wears a white formal shirt with a short blue-and-white plaid skirt. A blue draw-string tie is circled at the neck of the shirt. Silver cross pins adorn the cuffs and belt buckle. She wears similar shoes to Bhikkhuni's with similar socks as well, and a matching arm-band. Mary might look more natural dressed as a teacher, but she seems to consent to Burt dressing her this way regardless. The shirt is a bit too snug and the skirt a bit too short. She wears silver-framed, square-rimmed glasses as well; Burt's logic is that they suit her well and because she's blind anyways they won't hurt anything.

Swimsuit.GMO (Level 5)

Losing the robe and... basically everything else, Mary wears a shiny blue bikini with very little substance. The bikini is tight everywhere with thin, V-style straps on the bottom and very little attempt made to hide any cleavage at the top. A terribly unfitting gold cross is printed on the front of the bikini bottom. Beach slippers adorn her feet, blue in color with cross prints on the wide upper straps. She carries a white beach bag, which she uses to carry all of her holy water vials.

PartyDress (Level 10)

Mary's party dress is more modest than she'd like to go, but such is the price of being classy. She wears a white, pencil dress with a matching, silky chiffon capelet about the shoulders. The dress is ivory, only slightly towards silver, with no belt (to fight, she'd need to switch back to her standard wardrobe, to have accesess to her bottles). Her shoes are white and high-heeled; on her arms, from the elbows down, are white, silk gloves, made of close-fitting, thin material. Her hair stays down, with its usual perpetually moist look. For accessories, she wears silver, cross-shaped ear-rings and a matching necklace, though generally only the thin, silver cord is visible, with the cross hidden beneath the front of the capelet. Besides her hair, the only flash of color is the red of her lipstick, completing a mature look.

Smoketouched.GMO (Gift)

When in this GMO, Mary is styled in a more Netopian design of a nun's habit-- at least, the stripper version. Her head is uncovered, with small bangles that look like grasping hands curled around individual locks of her wet-looking pink hair, and her lips sport a dark gray shade of lipstick that is distinctly reminiscent of stage fog. Where ordinarily there would be a wimple covering her neck and upper shoulders, her habit instead bares her skin, culminating in a loose, white-trimmed, curved neckline that appears as though one too many shifts could send it sliding right off. Wrapped around her neck is, instead of a cross, a small vial of a thick-looking purple liquid, and directly underneath it her habit's loose neckline dips even further in a v shape, exposing a good amount of her cleavage. Below this Mary's habit clings loosely to her shoulders, as a sleeping gown does, and comes down to taper off into a pair of loose-ended sleeves. The vials of holy water that are normally wrapped around Mary's waist are filled instead with a smoke that seems just a little alive in this GMO, but the effect is the same. The taste is unknown.

Further down past that, the long dress of the traditional habit has been thrown out entirely, instead being swapped for a three-tiered skirt that comes all the way down to Mary's ankles in the back, but rises progressively higher as the fabric twists around to the front, stopping in an inverted V-cut and at a point just slightly higher than a miniskirt. The cut of this skirt shows off Mary's legs completely; they are clad in a pair of thin, light-gray thigh-highs that are patterned with the outlines of hands grabbing her legs, and at the top they are capped off by the strips of a set of black garters, teasing at what hides just barely behind her skirt. Mary's feet in the meanwhile are dipped in a black pair of two-inch heels with thick soles that make imposing little clacks whenever she walks. They're also pretty good for stomping the sin out of someone. Or so I hear.
Name: Yajna.SP

Gender: Female

Element: Fire

Subtype: Variable

Appearance: Yajna is roughly the same height as Exorcist, sometimes seeming a little taller because she stands very straight, with tan brown skin, a bit lighter than Bhikkhuni's, and very even features, including a sharp nose and tight, inexpressive lips. Her hair is black and naturally straight, often rolled into a series of seven spheres behind her head, with five forming a sort of flower around the larger bun of the seventh. Her eyes are a bright orange color, but typically, her eyes are held in a very solemn half shade, staring forward. She has a tendency to wear an expression that could generously be called neutral, or perhaps, more accurately, boring, unless in the presence of fire. At that time, her eyes go wide, reflecting the fire, and she often wears an eerie smile. Yajna's body is slender but not terribly shapely, typically avoiding drawing much attention.

Her garb is elaborate, consisting from top to bottom of a helmet, an outfit based on traditional Hindu prayer garb, gloves, and boots, along with jewelry. The helmet is golden, covering the upper half of the head over the ears like a cap, with a lamp shaped like a lotus flower on the top center. A candle is lit inside and forms a short plume of fire above her head; it is almost perpetually in a lit state and she seems perturbed if it ever goes out. A red ruby dangles from the front center of her helmet, at the peek between her brows. Her gold earguards bear her emblem, a lit flame over a lotus shaped lamp, and adorn a red skinsuit, which runs from her jaw down to her neck and the rest of her body. A gold necklace bears another copy of her emblem, resting above a red robe, which covers one shoulder. Another orange, thinner robe can be seen covering the other shoulder, though the majority of it is hidden. A thin gold belt ties the waist. Her gloves and boots are also gold, adorned with small red rubies at the elbows and knees.

Armaments she can summon include an aarti lamp, gold, and shaped like a hand-held chalice with a long, C-shaped handle extending from one side. At times, she will also summon a small, handheld bell, which she rings dutifully, but without the same fervor that she wields the lamp.

Personality: Yajna is characterized by distinctly even temperament, to the point where she might be called boring. The truth is that she finds it hard to feel emotions of any kind and thereby doesn't often react. The one exception is regarding fire: the sight of fire excites her. She feels compelled to spread and nurture flames wherever she sees them. Many of her religious rituals involved flames, but it could certainly be said that she values the ritual more than the purpose. She has many thoughts on fire that she will happily share, but seems very lacking in opinions otherwise.

Background: Whereas Bhikkhuni and Mary were each sent on journeys of enlightenment by their peers in their religions, Yajna left her temple by her own choosing. Yajna had long been a devout follower of Hinduism, practicing their mantras and rituals, but found her spirit lacking. Realizing she was simply going through the motions, she left on her own quest of self-discovery, searching for a religion that truly spoke to her.

Eventually, she came upon Burt's discipline of Counterinfectualism, by which viruses are destroyed in order to eliminate the evil spirits trapped within their vessels. Here, she found a religion that seemed accommodating to her unique passion for burning things. In her way of framing things, she sees the "evil spirits" as invasive Ashura... but even now, she still feels a certain crisis of faith even now. All she knows is she takes a continued, guilty pleasure from burning things, be that incense or viruses.

Custom Weapon: Yajna uses her aarti lamp as a weapon, raising it in one or two hands and blowing flames off the lip. The flames project in an exaggerated arc.