Name: Raiden.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: Raiden is a Navi of fairly average size. He stands at the equivalent of just under six feet. Although he is not visibly muscular, he has a stern and sturdy bearing.

His black hair is swept to one side. His face is thin and sharply angled. His eyes are narrow, silver, and totally devoid of pupils. His ears are covered by round yellow caps.

Raiden wears a black coat made of moderately thick, fleecy material. It reaches halfway to his knees. The zipper and buttons at the front are always closed. There is a distinct bulge in the centre of the coat's chest, as if his heart is trying to push its way out.

The visible parts of Raiden's body are clad in a navy bodysuit. Square yellow plates are bolted to the backs of his hands and the outsides of his upper legs. His boots are made of the same yellow metal, and the component pieces are similarly held together by bolts.

There is no visible emblem anywhere on Raiden's person.

Personality: Raiden's personality is extremely malleable, and changes depending on the place he's in.

When he was programmed, personality was deemed an extraneous feature, and very little attention was paid to it. Raiden's ability to manipulate the network itself fused with what personality coding he possessed. As a result, his character changes to reflect the nature of the network he's in.

For example, when he is in his PET, he is reserved almost to the point of having no character at all; when in SciLab, he is perceptive and studious; while in the Undernet, he is chaotic and destructive.

Custom Weapon: Raiden's attacks employ lightning, whether it is through a spear of it hurled at the enemy, a bolt shot from the end of his hand, or a blast called down from the sky.

Signature Attack:
20% Decompression - 2 TCD
Raiden destroys his emblem, usually accomplished by summoning a spear of lightning and shoving it through his own chest.

The emblem is responsible for keeping Raiden in his massively compressed state. When it is destroyed (even temporarily, as in this case), his body begins to decompress into his full form.

His coat utterly crashes, turning into a transparent, hollow shell of textual error messages and codes. The textures on parts of his body, radiating outward from the broken emblem on his chest, shut down as well. The front of his body, his left arm down to his elbow, his upper legs, and the right side of his face right up to (and including) his eye - all become one continuous single-dimensional bluescreen.

The unbluescreened parts of his body become shaky and prone to visually glitching out.

A huge ring of debris forms in the air behind Raiden. It is slightly taller than he is. The floating debris is ripped directly from the type of panel he is standing on, as well as the surrounding terrain. (This is the bare-bones shape of his full form's shield array.)

-Sacrifice 15 hp (+20 cap)
(80 cap total)
-1 turn of hardbody (40 points)
-2 instances of chip empower: +10 each (20 points)
-2 instances of take aim (20 points)

Starting With
-100 HP
-Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
-2 MiniEnergies
-0 Zenny
-Undershirt, HP+50