NetNavi Name: ExploderMan.EXE

Element: Null

Subtype: Break

Appearance: ExploderMan is a semi-tall red navi with a gold stripe going from the front of his helmet to the bottom of his back. His entire body(excluding his face) is covered in armor. He has red eyes and dark brown hair descending from the bottom of the back of his helmet to his lower back. He has a natural cannon on his left arm in the shape of a small bazooka, for the use of his signature move, Astrapi. His navi symbol is a seven pointed red star, on his chest, which represents an explosion.

Personality: ExploderMan's most defining character trait is that he is completely loyal to his NetOp, Jack, and will follow any order given to him. He is also willing to sacrifice himself for Jack. The two work together very well since they practice so many hours a day. In the anime, it is shown that ExploderMan was Jack's best friend as a child when he recieved him as a gift. ExploderMan is also serious and doesn't talk much, but not to the point of being antisocial.

Custom Weapon: ExplodeGun- gun on ExploderMan's left arm that shoots lasers.

Signature Move: Astrapi: Shoots lightning bolt at opponent causing small explosion. (60dmg + 2TCD) (60pts)

NaviCust: HP+50

BattleChips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rage Claw

SubChips: MiniEnergy x2