RE:CN or RE:RN's first senior battler. Ever.

Name: Silas Lemrock
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Appearance: Not bad for an old-timer. His physique is okay, with a fair bit of muscle, and the fact that he was a state-level wrestler "back in the day" helps. His posture is excellent for a senior, from years of being shaped by very strict parents. His face is wrinkled from age, with a scar across his right cheek. His eyes are a dark blue, almost black, while his hair is white, cut short, and combed. He is usually seen in buisness suits, usually black, but he'll sometimes make exceptions for occasions. On all his belts, there are holsters for both his PET and chip folder.
Personality: Strict, by-the-book, a man of few words. He absolutely hates younger people that have no respect for their elders, as well as troublemakers. Despite that, he is one cool granddaddy. He's 'hip' in the technology world, as he has a PET and chip folder of his own. He's always eager to have a NetBattle with one of his family members, and when not doing that, enjoys busting viruses with his Navi. The only grandfather of Eric Lemrock (my RE:CN character), he considers Eric as 'the good egg in the nest.'
PET Modifications: Link series, midnight blue, can project holograms of Raven, other Navis within a distance of Raven, a 3d map of the area (with an icon showing Raven's location), or a view through Raven's eyes.

Name: Raven.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: N/A
Appearance: Raven was created by Silas' grandson. His entire humanoid body except for his head is covered in midnight blue feathers that shine in the light. His build is lithe, one you'd find on a runner. His feet have giant talons instead of toes, with one jutting out the heel, like a bird. Likewise, his fingers are replaced by birdlike talons. His head is the only unfeathered place on his body, but as his skin is the exact same color as his feathers, it isn't really seen. His hair is a bit lighter than his feathers and skin, and reaches down to his shoulders. A birdlike tail spreads behind him, while a pair of giant feathery wings adorn his back. They, however, can't be used to fly, but can be used for quick dashes and just plain flapping. The scariest thing, though, are his eyes. One is cloudy grey instead of white with a blood red iris, while the other eye is a pure shining white and holy light blue. During battle, his feathers become dark blue flames, making him seem like a specter or evil spirit.
Personality: A cold, level-headed killer. He thinks of himself as the supreme hunter and other Navis and virii as his prey. He will not hesitate to delete a Navi, and if so, then it will be a merciless kill. The only one he would dare to trust or take orders from is his Operator, Silas. The two look out for each other like brothers, and while the two sometimes don't like it, they rely on each other. Raven is extremely vain, and in his spare time admires his talons and feathers, cleaning them if nessacary. To him, virus busting is more of a sport than a duty, and sometimes just refuses to bust viruses purely because he would have to spend more time later cleaning his talons and feathers. Overall, he isn't exactly fun to hang around.
Custom Weapon: Raven Crescent: Raven gathers energy on his hand claws, then releases it in the form of crescent shaped waves of dark blue energy.
Signature Attack: Raven's Flight: Raven turns into a ball of his dark blue flame, then reforms as six midnight blue flaming ravens, which all fly at the enemies or enemy. Then, dark ashes drift back to the same point Raven stood in, where he reforms from the ashes. (6x10, can stack, 3-turn CD)

Well, whaddaya think? I made a senior. Woo hoo.
Well, we've got Trace over there, Who's technically 55



GET: Newbie Pack
GET NAVICUST: ATK+1, RAP+1, CHG+1, Undershirt
GET CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
w00t! I'm the oldest Operator here!