Name: Rook
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: Rook is a large Navi standing twelve feet tall and weighing over 2 tons, that is if he were in the real world. Rooks Body is made up of three tiers each one getting larger as it gets to his shoulders. The top two tiers have a rampart style look at the bottom of them. There are two diamond shaped gems on the top tier and a single diamond shaped gem on the middle tier. His shoulders are broad and bold with a sweeping edge at the bottom. His midsection is a single cylinder with square hip plats that slightly flare outwards. His upper arms and thighs are a web of hydraulic pistons. Rook's fore arms are metal bracers with a shield like plate with a rampart look at the top of it and a diamond shaped gem in the center. This plate is mounted on the outer fore arm and extend past the elbow joint covering a portion of the upper arm. Rook's shin guards are of the same design as his arm bracers. They also extend past the knee joint to cover part of the thigh. Rook's feet consist of two large plate plates hinged together. Small hydraulics control the movement of the foot and can barely be seen bellow the shin guard. Rook's Hands are large metal hands, unlike the foot though all the servos and hydraulics are internal. Rooks head is a bit plain, it is kinda squarish with two slits for eyes, a small rampart section for a nose, two diamond shaped gems on either side of his head, and a large mouth which can barely be seen because of the small rampart that goes all the way around his head. Rook also has a large missile pack mounted on each shoulder.

Personality: Rook is normally much like his operator jack chesman very calm and collected. But unlike his operator Rook can break out in fits of rage, brutish behavior, and disobedience. Rook is very protective of those he considers friends and very unforgiving to those he considers to be enemies.

Custom Weapon: Rook's buster weapon is actually his fist. During combat small generators located in his fore arm kick in and cover his fist is plasma. Charging his buster causes his this plasma to become unstable and his charged buster attack is usually an explosive two handed attack. Though he normal uses his buster in a melee capacity he can control where the plasma is generated and can instead of covering his hands can generate a plasma ball in which he can then throw at his enemy.

Level : 0
HP : 100
Zenny : 0
Subchips : MiniEnergy x2
Chips : Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
Navi Cust: Undershirt, HP +50
Navi Points : 20/40
Key Items : PET
Crosses : 0
Signature Attack: Cluster Missiles (TCD 2), Rampart Defense (TCD 1)

Cluster Missile
Description: Rook transfers the stored energy to his missile packs on his shoulders releasing a barrage of missile at a target. as the missiles impact and explode, embers and burning napalm fall to the ground converting a large area of the field to fire panels. After the attack it takes a few round for the missiles to replenish and therefore cannot be fire until his stock of missiles are back.

(5dmg fire x4 +Multihit +Shot type +Large Lava Terrain +Charge Burner +2TCD)
Cost 60 (40 of mine + 20 from Nerf)

Rampart Defense
Description: Rooks built-in defense system that causes his armor to harden after any shot attack hits him. This harden armor can be softened up by further attacks. The downfall of the defense is that his aim becomes impaired after the power first engages. Once he adapts to the increased weight and stiffness his accuracy returns to normal. This effect is hard on Rook's system and can only happen once every few rounds while his system cools down

Casing (30 hp) +counter trigger +Being hit by SHOT attack +Off target +1TCD
Cost: 30 (20 of mine + 10 from Nerf)