Name: DubloonMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Break

A large muscular looking humanoid navi who was somewhat designed to look like an optimized, pirate version of Roger. He wears a white admiral's cap with an angry eyepatch face with as the emblem. His face is long with a solid white beard with one level of serration. His left eye is covered with an eyepatch with a cross on it. He wears a long unbuttoned crimson coat with a gold trim and black inner lining and tattered shoulders where the sleeves would be. His chest is lightly bandaged. He has a hook instead of a right hand and his left shin has been replaced by a ship's cannon. Strapped to his back is a large anchor, with 7 chain links on the end.
Personality: DubloonMan was programmed to behave like a pirate, meaning he is bloodthirsty in battle, speaks with a heavy pirate accent and has an insatiable greed for valuables (chips and zenny). Having no real morals, he will act with mainly his needs in mind. His aggressive nature is based on his view that everything is simply waiting to be plundered by him. He generally forgoes planning and focusses heavily on offense, believing himself to be a wolf in a world of sheep.
Custom Weapon: A large anchor with a short chain, a leg cannon and a hook hand.
Signature Attack (60/60):
Name: Anchors Aweigh!
Effect: Self-Slow Nerf (+20); Multi-Stage [Nova 2 Knockback + 10 damage (40 points)] then [40 shot-type damage (40 points)]; 2 TCD
Description: DubloonMan stops moving for a bit to swing his giant anchor wildly around his head, knocking away and dealing light damage to anyone close enough, before releasing it at a single target.