Name: Mal'am.exe
Gender: ???
Element: Elec
Subtype: Bug

Mal'am adopts an extremely unique appearance; by unique it means that it looks more like a virus than an actual navi. When not in combat, Mal'am takes the appearance of a black pile of goo that oozes across the floor. This does not mean that it is slow, Mal'am can still keep up with a navi at walking speed. In combat, however, Mal'am takes a drastic change in its appearance, suddenly sprouting from the gooey form into a black figure. The accompanying form only manifests hands, swords, or weapons when attacking; the only permanent feature is the slasher smile and two blank white eyes. In short, Mal'am is a navi no one wants to meet in the dark of night.

Mal'am has a very volatile personality. It can shift from happiness to anger, then to apathy, then to disgust, and then BACK to happiness, at very random intervals. However, this only applies to its voice. Its true feelings about something is hidden and no one actually knows about it except for itself. Mal'am speaks with a sort of deep, gurgly voice accompanied by a random emotion.

It also makes cryptic comments about eating Mr Progs given the chance, a feature which is constantly held in check by Gavin who does not want to get into deep trouble because of this hunger.

Signature Attack (60/60):

Blacksap (Pull, 15 hp Life Drain, Glitch) [Total 60 pts]
Mal'am creates a sort of mini vacuum which draws the target towards it, or drags itself towards a target, and flings out a large group of spikes and electrical tubes which inject themselves into the target. These tubes/spikes then starts sapping into the victim's database, leaving behind an unexpected side effect.