Name: Luna.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Wind

Appearance: Luna has the standard body build of a 20 year old woman (Measurement of 36-24-33), height of 5'7", and a fairly pale skin. Her sea blue hair is straight, turning wavy towards the end, and extends down just across her shoulder so it gently brushes against her back. Her wide eyes are sea blue as well, but slightly darker to stand out.

As for Luna's outfit, a white bandana firmly wraps around her head and is tied to a knot on the right side, leaving two loose ends to hang down. Her white, single-shoulder dress hangs by her right shoulder and goes down to the middle of her knees. The lower half of the dress is decorated in a faint wavy patterns with 3 inches apart one another; the end of the dress is also cut in the same pattern. She wears a thick, sea blue belt over her dress, loosely worn so it tilts towards the right and doesn't really tighten anything at all. Luna wears a white sandal with several strips that loops around her ankle, both with three pearls hanging down from one of the strips.

The pearls represent the moon phase, as the outer pearls is pitch black to represent the new moon, the middle pearls represents the crescent moon phase and the inner pearls show the quarter phase. Luna also wears a single-pearl necklace and a pair of earring, bearing the similar pearls to show the waxing gibbous, full moon (necklace), and the waning gibbous phase in that order. As for her accessories, Luna wears a bronze armlet over her right arm, sculpted to show the sea, the night sky, and the moon in an archaic art-style. Also, she wears a white silk glove that goes up to her wrist and folded at its end to extend no more. Luna's emblem is almost the same as her armlet, but presented in a modern art-style. It shows the wavy sea on the bottom, the star-lit night sky on the top, and a giant white moon looming over the sea. The emblem is placed on her belt as a belt-buckle. [Speech = Sea Blue / 0066ff]

Personality: Luna is very silent, but not afraid to speak what's on her mind. She has a very arrogant way of thinking, stating that she been around longer, hence knows more than anyone younger than her. Her fighting style shows that she doesn't want to dirty her hands, literally, as she relies on using the waters or some other substitution rather than directly going for a close-range attack.

History: Luna is a custom navi created by Kat's parents, a marine biologist and an oceanographer, specifically built to track the lunar calendar and all of its effects on the ocean. Strangely, it was only recent that Kat actually came in contact with Luna. Needing a net navi for her personal use, Kat took one of her parent's research PET that held the outdated Luna inside. After an extensive update on her firmware and everything else, she was now suitable for entering the net, but lost most of her primary function as a research navi.

Custom Weapon: A small, white parasol with a blue handle and tip. The shade it casts down when it is open provides enough to cover Luna and no more.

Signature Attacks:
Tidal Blow: Luna begins drawing the enemy closer to her by controlling the tide of water beneath. As soon as the enemy gets close enough, the navi pushes the water back to the opposite direction, creating a small, yet powerful wave to sweep over the enemy.

[1st Stage: Pull | 2nd Stage: 40 / Knockback | Aqua | Requires Sea Terrain (Fluff) | 2TCD]