Name: Random.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Neutral
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: He's fused bugs and junk data converted into a navi. He's gray and looks distorted in different places occasionally. When heavily damaged, gray data bits come off him similar to the kind that come off mystery data. He looks similar to a standard netnavi, otherwise.

Personality: He's fairly good-natured, and often helps others depending on his mood. He's rather close to his operator, Phil, although he doesn't always express it. He used to have an unstable personality due to originating from junk data Phil found with his sister's netnavi.

Custom Weapon: A standard buster. Nothing about it particularly stands out.

Signature Attack: One decoy that looks exactly like Random in his current state appears. Can move around the field and act freely. Lasts for 3 turns, 2 TCD.

NaviCust programs: Undershirt, Shield