Name: Delta.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Variable
Appearance: Delta stands at about six feet tall, and has green eyes. His armor consists of overlapping and jointed plates, white at the very edges and otherwise red. His helmet is red, with a white stripe running down the middle, and open enough to reveal his face. What can be seen of his hair under his helmet is brown, and that's only a very small amount in the back.
Personality: Like his netop, Delta is overall friendly, but he is slightly more cautious, and responds to rudeness and insults through subtle verbal digs.
Custom Weapon: Delta uses a standard buster as a weapon. However, melee battlechips manifest as separate objects, drawn out of thin air, and gun battlechips do not change the form of his buster.
Signature attacks:
Point Pool: 180/200 points used

  • Rocket Launcher (100 points): 3 turn cool down: Delta forms a rocket launcher, which launches a rocket at an enemy. 80 Null Shot, Acc A, Break.

  • Combat Repair and Healing System (80 points): Passive: Heals 15HP per turn: This system was designed by Henry as a means of healing Delta during combat. The system steadily repairs damage to Delta's armor and heals his wounds over time. The effect can also be transferred to allies and objects at Delta's discretion.
Graphic Model Overrides:

  • Civvie.GMO: Delta's armor is removed, leaving him in tan cargo pants and a red t-shirt, with generic tennis shoes on. Delta's brown hair, now revealed, is (mostly) combed down, and his eyes are still green. Delta does not fight in this form, instead reverting automatically to his standard form if attacked or attacking.

  • Longcoat.GMO: This GMO exchanges Delta's futuristic powered armor with equipment that might be more at home in a western. First, Delta is wearing black denim jeans held up by a belt of similar color and a gray cloth shirt. A leather bandoleer is slung over his chest diagonally from right to left, and a holster is on his belt at his left hip. Over this, he wears a brown leather duster, with a matching hat. He also wears leather boots and gloves.
    While in this GMO, Delta's buster, his signatures, and all battlechips take on a steampunk appearance, and manifest as weapons or objects that he pulls out of his duster.