Net Navigator
Name: Saluki.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: After transition to the net and the beam of light faded; she looked incorporeal for the first few seconds. Even afterwords little Smokey wisps and strands of her shoulder length hair seemed to float and lash off before disappearing. The fox demon Saluki. She was around five foot four and slender build; her fur and hair was thin and the color of ash. A Long and feminine muzzle with her rosy eyes accented by black mascara and red eyeliner. Her black tufted ears, nose and tail where the only things that deviated from her color pattern.

She wore a gown with long sleeves and hem. Its body was mostly red and pink finished with black around the collar belt and edges; finally the same floral design on the PET filled in the gaps. She wore no gloves or shoes, her clawed fingers and toes made fitting difficult.

Personality: Usually silent, but it doesn't mean that she will not voice herself when she is right or something is obviously wrong. Sal dislikes company, seeing her and other navigators as little more than poppets or plushies. She would prefer to rely on her own strength and cunning; but she will work with others if it is necessary.

Custom Weapon: Sal's Weapons where a vaguely looking humanoid skull held in her right hand; and a bell in her left. The death knell's handle was a raw leather strap used to ring it and to keep it around her wrist. The Arsenical bronze left the alloy completely blackened.

The Skull was bleached white, covered in numerous scrapes, gouges and chips. One of the sockets had completely collapsed and many of the teeth where chipped or broken or missing. She held it forward in one hand for a standard buster attack; the eyes illuminating faintly before firing a dark plasma shot, alternating from socket to socket. For her mega buster she held the sides of the skull tightly, the jaw dropped before plasma accumulated into a larger black festering blast.

Signature Attacks:

Williwaw: (20 hp barrier = 20SP. 1TCD)

With a single ring of her bell, A gray smoky semi-transparent spherical barrier surrounds Saluki or an ally giving them a momentary screen of protection.

Shockwave: (Microburst: 40 SP. 1TCD)

With three rings of her bell, And an abrupt change forward If she isn't using it for movement she is knocking something back or pushing something around that her usual gust couldn't. Far stronger then a gale but not quite a hurricane!

Overpressure: (Gravity: 40 SP. 1TCD)

After three rings of her bell; Paired up with the shockwave it is a compression, vacuum and drag effect used for aiding her movement or pulling things that her usual gust could not. Far stronger then a gale but not quite a hurricane!

Katabatikos: (4x10 Multi-hit, Null damage + shot Accuracy: A [40SP, 1TCD])

After two rings of her bell; she raises her paws high in the air with her palms flat. Two balls of swirling wind form in each hand before they are launched forward at a single target stirking one after another.

Catechize: (Life drain/Slashing. 20 damage 20 hp. = 40 SP. 1TCD)

With two rings of her bell; A specter of death materializes from the shadows only for a nightmarish instant. Its touch reminds the living of there mortality and eventual death; damaging and draining the targets life transferring it to Saluki.

Ephemeral armor: (20 hp Casing = 20 SP 1TCD)

With a single ring of her bell; Sally creates a temporary armor casing to defend herself and allys with. Surrounding them with half plate armor and a mail skirt.

Iconoclast: (30 null damage Drop attack. Accuracy: B against flying targets; D against ground. = 30 SP 1TCD)

With a two rings of her bell; A dark, gnarled and twisted blade drops from the sky cutting her foes.

Anathema: (30 null damage Ground Attack. Accuracy: B against ground targets; D against flying. = 30 SP 1TCD)

With two rings of her bell; a shadowy minion strikes from the ground like a great dark wave.

Cyanopsia: (Passive Take Aim, 10x4=40SP)

A blue burning glyph hovers over Saluki's forehead; altering her vision and magically increasing her accuracy. Without any somatic or verbal components it is to stressful on her system to use it for more then one instance at a time.