Name: Zeide.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: Cloaked in a dark attire wearing a hood with holes to show off his hair and that hides his face at all times, but revealing a creepy smile (His hood cannot drop ever). Wears a dark purple colored armor and cloak that appear to have come from the depths of Hades. NaviCrest is a Werewolf head with crossed claws under its face. Under his cloaking and armor is fur as Zeide is a Lycan. This is not obvious to all NetNavis or OPs unless they are very smart to pick up the little things or told so by Calder or Zeide.EXE. (Picture in Signature)
Personality: His appearance matches his personality perfectly as he barely ever talks. When he does talk its very short and to the point and his voice sounds like demonic laughing and howling mixed. Often falls asleep with his eyes open if bored and if angry with he doesn't seem to care and shrugs it off.
Custom Weapon: Detachable Claws: Zeide swipes at the target or kicks at the target as fast as he can causing the claws and feet of Zeide to strike at the opponent. Charging the attack makes Zeide jump into the air spin in a circle and detach and attach his 2 claws and 2 feet together into a 4 pronged spiked object that is hurled at the target and returns to their original positions once Zeide lands.
Moves: (60/60)
[_] Dodge
[_] Strategic Movement
[_] Flee
[_] Use NaviCust
[_] Cheer on Ally

[_] Darkthunder: Zeide charges up dark electricity into his claws and releases it into a sphere that forms around him weakly protecting him. (20HP Barrier + 1TCD) [20pts]
[_] Recharge: Zeide absorbs energy from the target and recovers from it, but the glitch in program causes random side effects to occur with Zeide. (20dmg Elec Life Drain + Free Glitch + 2TCD) [40pts]


Free Action
[_] Randomize: Add Randomize to Active attack changing value to between 1 and double original. (1TCD) [0pts]