Name: Validus.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Link

Validus appears to be a rather tall person. A half-cloak covers below his waist while a large rifle is slung across his back. A Revolver is holstered around his waist, together with a few pouches that look like ammo bags strapped onto the belt. There is a one-eye visor on his right eye mounted on top of a helmet. His Navi logo is a circle with a bullet in the middle. The logo isn't found on his chest, but rather on his right shoulder pad, which is larger and looks like a heavy shoulder guard.

Personality: It's safe to say Validus is cheery and most of the time is ready for a joke. However, in combat, he is cold, calculating and thinks only of victory. In very bad situations however, Validus would attempt to maintain both his and his operator's morale in order to ensure that both of them would escape to safety.

Custom Weapon:
Impact Revolver: A three barreled revolver slung on his hip. Acts as a normal buster. The Impact revolver looks like a fusion between an automatic handgun and a Revolver. A laser sight is also attached at the bottom, though it doesn't serve much function other than aesthetic reasons.

Morph Rifle: Formerly known as the Validus Cannon. It is now named the Morph Rifle. The weapon is rather unique. Capable of charging energy from data particles suspended in the air and launching powerful lance blasts. Other than it's primary ability, it's appearance is also adaptive to the effects of battlechips. For example, a fireburn would activate a flamethrower configuration, changing the appearance of the weapon into a flamethrower, while shotgun-style chips, such as the heatshot or the bubble shot, will turn it into a shotgun. Some chips give on completely unique appearances, such as the AquaNeedle, which turns into a lance-rifle hybrid weapon.

Signature Attack:
Valor Beam = Seeking, 40 damage.

The morph rifle loads up an alternative firing mode, and instead of firing in one cannon-like shot, it launches a beam that finds it's mark even on foes who have rendered themselves invisible.

Guard Buster = Take Aim, Break, 50 Damage

Taking aim through the one-eyed visor, Validus is able to analyze the enemy and fire a solid shell that generates enough impact to shatter shields. The morph rifle changes into a unique, revolver-loading rifle with an extremely long barrel.

Viral Shot Type-B [BIND] = Hold, 30 Damage

Validus loads a special ammo onto his rifle, which upon impact does not deal much damage, but enough to penetrate and send a malicious coding into the target's body which effectively disables the capabilities for moving in the target's body.

Grappling Hook = Pull, Seeking, 10 Damage

Equipped with a harpoon launcher and an unspecified length of rope, Validus can use this multi-purpose utensil for both in and out of combat purposes.

Visor Guidance = Accuracy Enhancement, 2 turns

Relayed with targetting information from Markerlight, Validus's targetting becomes far more effective than standard.

((Sprite - The_Grim_Reaper))
((Mugshot Sprite - Personal work))
Name: Markerlight.SP

Gender: Female


Markerlight has a similar design to Validus, although her armor is much more lightweight and flexible. She also carries a smaller, but still larger shoulder pad on her right shoulder, with a 08 emblem printed across it. She carries, unlike Validus, only a holster around her waist. Her hair is kept in a tidy and short ponytail. Her left eye is covered with a single, non-transparent black eyepiece with a printed text, "Markerlight system ver.1.0" Other notable details are her black hair, blue-colored eyes, a headband (Which she claims to give her infinite ammo) and a knife on her right leg.

She carries a tactical pistol similar to SOCOM Mk23 pistols equipped with a Laser pointer and a scope. The weapon is also able to use laser darts in order to designate targets for Validus.

Markerlight is very vocal when meeting people, and she acts as a sort of younger sister for Validus. Her attitude is cheerful and bubbly most of the time, but she also has a unique sense of humor.

During combat, her attitude remains the same, acting all cheery and at some times, slightly careless. However, if the combat becomes serious or fierce, her attitude changes dramatically into a more serious attitude, intent completely on wiping out her foes, without mercy whatsoever.

Interestingly, Markerlight is highly sensitive of her appearance, and often tries to tidy herself up if she is ever messed up during battle.

Element: Null

Subtype: Cursor