Name: Anyis.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Melee
Anyis has undergone many changes over the years, some small, some major, and this is just another one of them. As awkward as it is for everyone involved, there's no hiding the fact that Anyis's body... grew a bit, as needed to accommodate the massive amount of new data she absorbed recently. To her delight, some of the excess data got funneled into her height, bringing Anyis up about 2 inches to a grand total of 5'6". Admittedly, she still won't be looking down on many people, but anything is a bonus to her at this point. One thing Anyis is less thrilled about is that her proportions... filled out to match the change in height. It's not that she's really embarrassed by how pronounced her chest and curves have become, just that it's... somewhat inconvenient, what with Anyis being a melee fighter. Her purple hair had a growth spurt as well, adding on a couple of inches on all sides. This has actually made her hair too long for Anyis's liking, forcing her to try a bunch of different styles just to keep her bangs out of her eyes. The only real constant in Anyis's anatomy through all this is her eyes, which retain their sharp, topaz-like orange color. On the whole, the changes have granted Anyis an aesthetic maturity that definitely adds some appeal to most viewers.

Barring a few exceptions, Anyis's apparel has not changed much other than to fit her new body type. Her midnight blue, sleeveless bodysuit remains, though there's not much it can leave to imagination anymore, making Anyis more reluctant to be seen without her white robe. It, too, is largely the same, just tailored larger to fit Anyis's new height and proportions. The sleeves and body only make it halfway down her upper arms and thighs, respectively. Anyis's old emblem-secured belt broke apart during her reformatting of sorts, so her robe is now secured by a blue sash, the same shade as her bodysuit. It's tied together at her hip, and her new emblem, an ice crystal enveloped in blue fire, is pinned to the sash's knot. The white, gold-trim, knee-length boots Anyis usually wears are still present, just, like everything else, tailored a bit to compensate for the sudden growth. The biggest change is difficult to see... since it's just not there. Anyis's white gloves are gone, and along with them her long-trusted gauntlets, broken to pieces when her hand-laden topaz gems shattered and took everything else on her arms along with them. The only thing to replace her gloves out of battle is a small gold bracelet on her right arm, embedded with a sapphire Anyis had been keeping for some time. She said it was just too weird to have nothing on her arms for once.

Being as long-lived as she is, Anyis has a unique perspective on things. Typically, that perspective is of the "been there, done that" variety, and as a result Anyis is the kind of Navi to consider herself an expert on pretty much everything. It's a rare day when Anyis is afraid to speak her mind, asked to or otherwise, and her pride is almost unshakeable. She doesn't have much respect for authority figures of any sort, and it's kind of hard to fault her for it when she's been walking around long before most of the modern movers and shakers of the Net world even existed. This mindset sums up Anyis's usual petty squabbles and conflicts with Mill fairly well, as he often likes to be the one with the plan, and she doesn't like to be ordered around.

That all said, her troublesome, brash nature isn't entirely unchecked. Anyis makes an example of an interesting issue with Navis: by and large, they're going to outlive their original Operators. For whatever reason, Anyis has never been inherited by a family member when her old Operators would pass away or move on, so she's had to find new homes on her own several times. For all her pride and arrogance, Anyis understands how much trouble she'd be in without an Operator, and thus does have a real appreciation for those who take her in, though it might not show very well for how sharp her tongue is. Anyis's strongest point might be her time-granted wisdom, as while she might never be a calculating super-genius, she's got very good instincts in a fight and has a talent for reading the moods of others. She often uses that talent to tease her friends, but on the bright side, at least the barbs and insults mean she likes you.

Anyis is a very, very long-lived Navi, having been first made back in the early days of the Net. She, along with her 3 siblings, were given the ability to freely manipulate junk and ghost data, and were set to be the managers of the Net's digital pollution under the supervision of an impartial supercomputer named Aristotle. The need for such a system was readily understood in early testing, as advanced scans showed massive accumulations of junk data on the Net, so much so that it was actually clustering together in the sky as a huge, flowing current of ghosts and garbage. Dubbed the River, the defeat of this monstrosity became a heated competition among a variety of tech companies at the time. Well over a dozen prototypes vied for the right to manage the River and all the junk data that composes it, with Anyis's system, labeled Undertaker, as just one of those prototypes. A fully-automated system capable of rendering the River as irrelevant and unknown as it is today ultimately found itself adopted as the standard, and so the Undertakers and all the other prototypes were discarded. Whether it be out of frustration or just a mere oversight, the order to cease operation was never given to the Aristotle supercomputer, meaning that Anyis and her siblings had no choice but to continue cleaning the Net or be labeled rogue by Aristotle and... dealt with, permanently.

By one means or the other, Anyis, her older brother Orpheus, younger sister Euthenia, and younger brother Aecher have met Aristotle's demands and quotas over the years and decades. Operators have come and gone, new upgrades have been made, and old upgrades have been lost, all to the point where these sibling Navis are almost nothing alike to their original selves. The only constant was that Aristotle knew where they were, what they were doing, and whether or not they were doing their job. After so long at this, however, the siblings have finally discovered their way out, by fusing their cores with those they have a deep connection with. Euthenia merged with Ratatoskr, an SP built around her own code, to trigger the first erasure of Aristotle's in-laid trackers, and Anyis soon followed suit by patching the broken core of her late husband Grants into her own. After Aristotle expressed its anger over the runaways by nearly killing Anyis, the two sisters gained a sense of urgency to continue the breakaway and free their brothers before the supercomputer takes another extreme action.

==Custom Weapon: Cryos, Spirit of the Blue Flame==
With her old gauntlets, and as a result her ability to find and channel ghosts, purged after absorbing the cores of Grants and the Titan, Anyis had to find a new means to fight, and what she ended up with was Cryos. The Titan, tamed and rebuilt through Grants's data, serves under his new name as a protector spirit to Anyis, always looming behind her in battle. The only thing that could really be called Cryos's body is a large model of Grants's white plate armor, which is possessed and animated by a powerful blaze of blue fire. The flames connect all the armor segments into a working body, from the legs, to the torso, to the arms, and to the head. Flares can come up at random out of the gaps in the armor, which occur at all the areas a natural body would need to move, such as the elbows, knees, hips, and so on. The only piece where the flames actually burn through the armor is the open-faced helmet, which the blue flames fill and shoot through the sides to create a pair of curved horns. All together, while Cryos is definitely scaled down from the Titan's original size, he still towers over Anyis anyway, standing in at roughly twice her height.

The powers Cryos bestows to Anyis are threefold: first, Anyis's natural ability to manipulate ice is combined with Grants's white flames to create the blue "cold fire" that animates Cryos and is capable of freezing whatever it burns. Second, Anyis can break off parts of Cryos and merge with them, creating new custom armor for her matching the part she merged with. Third and finally, Anyis has a limited command of Cryos, with things such as making him appear and disappear at will and making him attack within her own natural range. Cyros will never venture out on his own, and as a spirit is incapable of providing any sort of defense.

==Signature Attacks (700/1100 points)==

Cold Open (200 Strengthen, 5TCD; 200 points)
Anyis previously just channeled whatever ghosts she could get her hands on, but now, she has a limitless source of power in Cryos at her disposal. At her will, Cryos offers forth his own blue flames to Anyis, who channels the power by engulfing herself in the blaze and partitioning its energy into different attacks. Hmm? What makes a Cannon on cold fire more powerful? It's on cold fire, of course.

White Ash (Stage Change Snow Terrain; 3TCD; 100 points)
In a rather flashy display of her abilities, Anyis washes the entire battlefield over in cold fire. In truth, it's more of a chill fire, as it's not actually cold enough to hurt. It does "scorch" the ground quite thoroughly, though, leaving behind little but a white ash... well, snow. The cold flames burn very deeply as well, so in most cases the snow is deep enough to dig into.

Summon Inversion (Teleport, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis is deeply linked with Cryos, who was born from her own core, and one particular ability she can invoke through the spirit takes that to an extreme. While Cryos typically stands right by Anyis, she can conjure him outwards and then, for reasons not even she can explain, swap places. Watch it a thousand times, and it's still just the two of them changing positions in a single flash of blue flame. Crazy.

Cryos Compress (30 Heal, Passive; 40/160 points)
As her guardian spirit, Cryos is compelled to keep Anyis in as good a shape as possible at all times. Since he was born (partially) of white healing flames, Cryos can weakly emulate that same power and will deploy a curative patch of blue flames to wherever his master may be hurt. It works fine on others, too, but Anyis needs to personally direct the spirit with a one-track mind to assist them.

Boogey Cryos (Microburst, Passive; 40/160 points)
With her ghost powers gone, Anyis's spectral minion Boogeyman had to leave for a better place. However! His will to push things lives on in Cryos! And Cryos is much bigger and stronger than Boogeyman ever was, so... yeah. Beware of flying objects.
GMO Files

Swimsuit.GMO (Level 0 GMO)
While ice, flaming or otherwise, is her normal calling card, Anyis still is an Aqua Navi and as such needs something to swim in. Having already redesigned pretty much everything else of hers since the transformation, Mill was pretty weary of the whole thing by the time he got to GMOs, and as such took the lazy route on this. He stripped off her robe, sash, and boots, then trimmed the legs off the bodysuit until it was a one-piece swimsuit. Displeased by this lack of effort, Anyis took some of Mill's "private" files hostage until he buckled and did this properly. She wasn't really opposed to using her bodysuit as a base, since Anyis wouldn't be wearing the thing in the first place if she didn't like it, obviously. So, with that in mind, Mill took a similar approach to the midnight blue bodysuit, just with some additional trimmings and an addition here or there. The legs of the bodysuit are still gone, as is mostly everything else from her hips up to below her shoulder blades and chest, meaning that this is now a two-piece. Some of the chest is also cut out, leaving the collarbone exposed and the shoulder straps to wrap around the back of Anyis's neck. With her sash gone, Anyis had to find someplace for her emblem, and a flash of brilliance presented her with the idea to use it as a hairpin. As such, Anyis keeps her hair in a loose ponytail in this GMO, with the emblem serving to hold it all together on the back of her head. She retains her gold, sapphire-inset bracelet, and strung to it is a small amount of waterproof fabric, colored the same as her own cold fire and only long enough to reach back to her elbow if fully stretched.

==Custom Weapon: Cryos Cloth==
The fabric affixed to Anyis's bracelet is actually the compressed existence of Cryos, reduced to this state due to... problems with water. Anyis is able to safely produce small amounts of cold fire by igniting the cloth, even underwater, but that and the ability to conjure her right gauntlet are the limits of her options like this. If she tried to summon Cryos in his entirety underwater... Well, that's a more complicated matter than most physicists care to touch on.

AttackMerge.GMO (Level 5 GMO)
One interesting consequence of Anyis storing all her armor aboard Cryos is that it's not really set in stone what Anyis will get when she equips it herself. She can control the design of the armor if she wants, but Anyis didn't really have any ideas on how to imagine anything but the gauntlets she had for so long. As a result, Mill set aside a GMO to properly define an armor set for Anyis, and when asked what function she wanted out of it, she answered "Offense!" naturally. Thus was the Attack Merge born, a full equip for Anyis that optimizes her ability to pummel the crap out of things.

While Cryos's armor is white, Anyis's armor still favors the silver tint she's used to. Of course, this set features the oversized gauntlets that Anyis loves, but rather than the old model that only covered half of her forearm, the Attack Merge gauntlets are full-arm pieces that go all the way from fingertip to shoulder. The identical arms are very well-segmented to give Anyis as much flexibility as possible, to the point that the defensive ability of the armor is sacrificed a little all in the name of attack power. A rounded crystal of ice is inset into each shoulder and the back of each palm, and an indented line is carved into the side of each arm to serve as a channel for the cold fire that emits from the crystals. Anyis does have a light chestpiece in the Attack Merge, though mostly just for the sake of keeping her arm equips secured instead of any real defense. It stops short of her midriff, effectively just covering her breasts, and has its collar cut out just slightly, but of most note is the cluster of ice crystals set into the back of the chestpiece. They're all pointed at a slight downward angle, inset into a slot that forces them that way, and yes, those ice crystals are entirely for the purpose of cold fire propulsion to allow Anyis to rocket herself into an enemy.

The Attack Merge grants Anyis no waist armor whatsoever, but she does have a pair of greaves strapped to her shins that offer quite a bit of incentive for Anyis to kick an enemy. It's hard to tell from a distance, but the silver greaves are thoroughly encrusted with tiny crystals of ice that Anyis can ignite at will. The cold fire on the greaves is overall weaker than her gauntlets, but Anyis can maintain it almost constantly and pepper her enemies with frostbite-inducing kicks. The greaves do have protective flaps of armor on the ends to cover the top of her boots, though they only serve to protect the tops of Anyis's boots from loose embers. Her long hair is similarly endangered when left alone since the ends can sometimes touch the ice cluster on the back of the chestpiece, so Anyis got herself a hairpin to lift up a large clump of her purple locks up closer to her head. The strands close between her face and ears are left alone, since they just sit over her collarbones and don't really interfere with any of the ice crystals in the armor.

==Custom Weapon: Attack Merge==
Well of course the whole thing is the weapon, since it has ATTACK in the name. Everything about this armor configuration is geared towards dealing damage, be it through punches, kicks, cold fire, or the best of all those worlds. Cryos is completely fused into the armor, thus he can't be summoned in any capacity, but given that Anyis has decades of melee combat under her belt already, she'll probably manage just fine.

YankeeGirl.GMO (Level 10 GMO)
Anyis keeps a rather large collection of extra memories in storage... that aren't hers. Turns out absorbing the collective spirit of thousands of dead Navis gives you a lot of thoughts you wouldn't normally have. Curious to see if any of them knew anything interesting, Anyis has been combing through the files at her leisure, and one of the early memories she read hinted at a powerful hidden treasure. She went off to seize it immediately, and go figure, the treasure was just a GMO, and a trapped one at that. The owner of that memory was apparently craftier than Anyis gave credit for. The GMO attached itself to Anyis immediately, and the damn thing wasn't going to come off without a whole lot of work.

So, by no choice of her own, Anyis has the GMO of a delinquent schoolgirl. Whether as by a function or just a coincidence, the sailor uniform mostly conforms to her pre-existing colors. The knee-length pleated skirt is blue like Anyis's bodysuit, and the uniform's short-sleeved shirt is white like her robe. The collar is blue, same as the skirt, with a single white stripe running near the edges in a full circle around the side flaps and back extension. The cut of the shirt reaches to Anyis's cleavage, but this is the outfit for a delinquent and not a deviant, so the collar has an extra layer of blue cloth sewn underneath to make the cut a little more conservative. To emphasize said delinquentness, a single silver chain dangles out of Anyis's skirt pocket and rattles about in an intimidating fashion as she moves. Finally add black socks that reach halfway up Anyis's shins and brown slip-on shoes, and that's as far as her outfit goes. Her hair is entirely left to lay out as it pleases like normal (apparently being deemed fitting for a delinquent girl), and Anyis retains her gold, sapphire-inset bracelet on her right wrist. On occasion, Anyis can be found partaking in cheap (sugar-free) lollipops while using this GMO. Bothering her for the flavor or expecting her to share may instead get you a close-up view of...

==Custom Weapon: Comet Tail==
What kind of dumb name is that? It's just an aluminum bat! There's nothing special about... W-what is that blue fire? Oh god, it's cold! Really cold! Aaaaargh, I'm freezing! I'm freez-

--HeelNavi Goon A
Support Programs

Name: Magna.SP
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Shield
Magna is a large metal golem, raised to a full 11 feet tall by the recent transformation spurred in both himself and Anyis. Not much about his design is very dynamic, due to him being Mill's first and last original creation. The components of his body are very geometric, often able to be described as just single shapes. His color scheme is likewise very simple, as one could point to almost any part of Magna and have a metallic shade of either purple or pale yellow. Magna's entire body is constructed around a central pillar of that pale yellow color, a uniform cylinder that's a couple of feet in diameter. A full-sized, for Magna, purple chest plate is fastened to the upper half of the cylinder, together making the entirety of his torso. Completely spherical purple shoulder joints are attached to the sides of Magna's chest plate, and attached to those in turn are large shoulder guards of the same color. The protective shielding extends about a third of the way down the exterior of Magna's upper arms, but the guards are hinged on his shoulders such that they don't really restrict his range of motion at all. Magna's upper arms are pale yellow like his cylindrical torso, and sport a solid and sturdy design out of necessity to support his colossal forearms. Being somewhat egg-shaped, Magna's purple forearms get larger as they get away from his elbow joints before rounding out to fit his fingers. Magna's fingers, a rare shade of hazard orange on his exterior body, are affixed right to his forearms with no wrists, and are very long metallic rods jointed together with screw-embedded hinges.

On the other side of his body, Magna's legs are... relatively new to him. Magna was originally design with just a piston-loaded base of an uneven cylindrical design, being larger at the bottom than the top, but his upgrade actually granted him the ability to transform that purple base into a pair of proper legs. The transformation process splits apart his steel-like piston to become his feet and lower legs, attaches them to knee joints and the pale yellow thighs that were hidden within the purple outer casing, and breaks that casing up into full-coverage shin guards and protective skirting around his hips. Even as the two split halves of his base, Magna's legs are quite large and sturdy-looking, since just about anything less wouldn't be able to hold the weight of the rest of his big metal body. Naturally, opposite of Magna's legs is his head, which by itself is incredibly... underwhelming. A purple collar-like ring hides whatever neck Magna might have poking out of his chest plate, and past that is just a rounded off purple cylinder with two rounds holes and one rectangular one bored into it for his eyes and mouth. Thankfully, Magna's enhancement allotted him a purple metal helmet which grants his head some marginal amount of dynamics. It's open-faced and very, very reinforced with extra metal, to the point that the point of this helmet seems to be more blunt force trauma than protection. The interior and edges of the helmet are lined with yellow, if only to distinguish Magna's natural head from his headgear. An orange glow radiates from Magna's eyes and mouth, as both a glimpse of the golem's main power source and a convenient check as to whether or not he's awake.

Magna's armaments are by and large powered by the orange core energy that animates his metal body. On what could be called the "palms" of his forearms, i.e. at the ends and under the fingers are embedded shutters that cover low-caliber barrels for Magna to shoot the orange energy out at enemies. These have always been a part of Magna's design, but with his upgrade came a T-shaped seam at the ends of each of his forearms, allowing Magna to split his hands open to reveal high-powered cannons for stronger energy blasts. On the backs of his forearms are new heavy bracers, or rather, very, very heavy bracers. These thick plates of steel are fastened to the full length of Magna's forearms, and serve as extremely durable shields that, while a buckler to Magna, would err closer a tower shield for most normal Navis. It is important to note, though, that these bracers are not just flat sheets of metal. Down the length of each bracer is a series of vent gaps for Magna to expel excess core energy, whether that is to balance a heavy cannon shot or just for propulsion for a punch. To the sides of the vents, on the edges of the bracers, are embedded lines of strong fiberglass, that show currents of the glowing orange core energy flowing through Magna's arms at all times he is awake. How exactly that energy powers Magna... not even Mill really knows, but it works well enough in both function and combat that the question is generally left alone.

Magna's an interesting case to observe from the standpoint of developmental AI, since Mill never really designed him with much of a distinctive personality. As a result of that, Magna still has several mechanical and robotic tendencies that he hasn't shaken off, such as being very computational in his thoughts and giving those he interacts with functional titles instead of just addressing them by name. This often just boils down to "Unit _____" aside to most everyone but Mill and Anyis, whom he respectively addresses as a sensible "Operator" and a highly aggravating "Mother Unit". Despite him literally being twice the so-called Mother Unit's size, Magna by and large is very loyal to Anyis, and hold no qualms with her having become Mill's Navi in his place.

In almost every situation, Magna is logical to a fault, but he does get... quirky on select matters. He has completely immersed himself in the idea of defense, and can be prone to going out of his way to protect someone even when it may not be necessary or even a good idea. Granted, he is very good at it being an 11 foot tall metallic golem, but perhaps because of that, Magna isn't very quick to entertain thoughts of self-preservation first and foremost. He also gets rather odd on any matter concerning other golems, sensing a need to compete with Cragger viruses and the like just... because. It may or may not be a pride thing, though Magna himself is still analyzing the issue. Those matters aside, Magna could be concerned a very sensible type, who often finds himself the neutralizing force to arguments between Mill and Anyis. Anger seems almost beyond him, and he tends more to beat himself up if something goes wrong. It seems almost strange how someone as big and strong as Magna could be so... conservative, perhaps, but at the end of the day, this is a golem who's just very responsible with his power.

==Custom Weapon: Powered Golem==
It's not much of a stretch to say that Magna is a weapon. He's 11 feet tall, made of pure metal, has buster guns and heavy cannons in his arms, and can pick up a normal Navi... in each hand. Despite having some pretty respectable ranged weaponry, Magna is just as prone to try and crush something with his body. In short, if he needs to destroy something, he'll find a way.

==Signature Attacks (400/1100)==

Core Link Cannon: High Output (200 damage, 5TCD; 200 points)
Magna opens up both his hands to reveal his heavy cannons and, ignoring the respectable power they possess individually, links the two together. Magna's eyes and mouth glow, and his bracer vents go into overdrive as the golem fires a large beam at high power from his double-barreled beam cannon. The recoil would probably floor anyone else, and it's frankly a miracle that Magna doesn't pass out after effectively blasting an enemy with a large portion of his soul.

Core Field (120 HP Barrier, 3TCD; 120 points)
Magna's orange core energy has a very diverse nature, and aside from being a destructive force, it can be projected as a barrier around himself, the Mother Unit, or another ally. Initially, Magna figured this out by accident and projected barriers out from his face, but now he can just perform the task by expelling some energy from the vents on his arms. That said, he could still project a barrier from his face if he wanted to...

Golem's Bracer (1 Hit Shield, Passive; 20/80 points)
Being the master defender he is, Magna has quite the proficiency with shields and as gone so far as to just have shields permanently affixed to his body. This holds true by the large bracers on his arms, which can endure a certain degree of damage at set intervals before shutting down for quick repairs. Strangely, Magna can still gift shields to others by... well, ripping his bracer off and giving it as a tower shield. The really strange part is that there's always another, identical bracer underneath...

DrillPack.GMO (Level 0 GMO)
Being quick to discover after Magna's changes that the golem's old, part-swapping GMOs were entirely incompatible with his new body, Mill just kind of glossed over the issue since he was already pulling his hair out over adapting all of Anyis's stuff. That bit of laziness on Mill's part turned out to be nothing short of brilliant as the hastily constructed Drill Pack managed to succeed the functions of Magna's old Drill, Plow, and Buoy forms all in one go. Just by initial appearances the whole thing is very underwhelming, as all Magna got was a large rectangular box attached to his back. The purple and metallic container can unfold to reveal a large drill that Magna can pull up over his shoulders and in front of himself, and that does all well and fine for digging. However, Magna's still a big, big golem, and as-is he can't actually fit in the tunnels he digs. Thankfully, that problem fixed itself.

Having found himself more... flexible since the upgrade, Magna discovered that with the Drill Pack, he can actually transform. Magna's shoulders stretch outwards and down slightly, and his legs fold back over his body before catching the shoulder extensions between his shin guards and his folded back feet. This whole thing would look entirely stupid as is, but thankfully the Drill Pack's container shell is big enough to fold over it all and cover Magna in protective plating. The drill mounts over his head, actually attaching to his piston feet to allow for some crushing action if there's a particularly annoying whatever in the way. Propulsion all comes through the tucked-in arms of the transformed Magna, as the vents of his arm bracers are pointed downward to produce a lifting thrust, while his heavy cannons are open through his hands and pointed backwards to provide forward momentum. All said, the design is very compact with the vast majority being able to hide behind the large drill, allowing Magna to actually traverse the tunnels he digs. It's also a very sturdy and well-armored design, as when you step back and look at the whole thing, Magna managed to transform himself into a drill hover-tank. That is kind of awesome.

==Custom Weapon: Drill Golem==
Magna turned into a drill hover-tank, and thus has a giant drill. The giant drill hurts things if needed. His regular weaponry still functions when in his normal golem form, and additionally he can equip the drill without transforming when that kind of power is needed.

MicroPack.GMO (Level 5 GMO)
By popular demand of people and doors everywhere, Magna now comes in miniature size... for him, anyway. Since Mill's still hooked on the idea of standardizing Magna's parts, the downsizing is still with the Pack GMO series, equipping the golem with a purple, rectangular metal box on his back. This one is just a bit over 6 feet from top to bottom, and holds the replacement parts to shrink Magna down into less of a public hazard. Well... it would, but swapping out individual parts wasn't going to make the 11 foot tall golem any smaller. So Mill just recycled the concept of a GMO Magna had back when he was a Navi: give him a smaller body. The MicroPack equipment box contains exactly 1 replacement body for Magna, which he possesses by transferring his orange core energy into before hopping out of the box and sending his default body back to the PET for safe keeping.

The "mini" Magna is a mechanical android body shaped more like most humanoid Navis and SPs than his default golem form. Proportionally, the body is perfectly human, so the arms, legs, torso, and head all have their respective usual shape. This is still Magna, though, so an ample amount of purple armor plating is assured, giving him the heavy and powerful look that's always expected of him. He's actually more uniformly purple in this body than his default, with extra armor on his thighs and upper arms in particular, but the joints and flex points are still pale yellow per his unchanged color palette, not disguised by any plating. Magna's android body has no distinct face, as his head is a fully-encasing helmet with just the single distinction of an opaque full-faced orange visor. The visor isn't flush with the helmet, being offset outward by stretching up over Magna's forehead and partway around his jaw line. The faint glow of Magna's orange core energy can be seen within the visor, and it illuminates to varying degrees when he speaks.

==Custom Weapon: Blast Venting==
Magna's android body doesn't have the load capacity to keep his high-caliber beam cannons, but he does retain the bracer vents on his arms. The energy output on the vents has been amplified to compensate for the lost weaponry, being able to unleash powerful instantaneous blasts of Magna's orange core energy in addition to adding the usual extra propulsion to his punches.

Level: 3
Element: Fire
Subtype: Melee
Bonus: +20 Fire chip damage, +40 HP, +1 action (cap 7), 240 Cross Sig points

For how significant her changes were, it's to be expected that Anyis's existing MeleeCross had to adapt to meet her new specifications. Some of the most basic aspects did survive the transition, such as Anyis's boots turning the same dark gray color as MeleeMan's, her midnight blue bodysuit turning dark red, and her white robe being exchanged for a version of his black jacket tailored to the same ends as the robe. With her old belt gone, Anyis's sash has to keep the jacket tied down, though the color of the sash becomes red to match the shift in her bodysuit. She does retains the red string that ties her (now longer) hair into a ponytail, although now she also sports a red headband as well to lift her long bangs out of her eyes. No matter how much her Cross changes, Anyis absolutely refuses to wear that ugly bucket MeleeMan calls a helmet. With that in mind, the similarity to the old Cross end there and Cryos begins applying himself to the new version here.

While in MeleeCross, Anyis is fully and permanently merged with Cryos... sort of. Normally a full merge would produce a full set of armor for Anyis, but here all she gets is a pair of heavy metal gauntlets around her hands and a breast protector securing her chest, all of which is an ashen gray color similar to the boots. This would be about everything about MeleeCross, sans the one fact that Anyis's arms are on fire. Hot red flames spew out from the ends of her gauntlets and go all the way up to her shoulders, flickering and flaring randomly up the entire length. It's actually quite similar to the flames that animate Cryos, except that the cold fire is replaced with the hot stuff. Anyis can control the fire as if it was all just an extension of her arms, and in a particular case, actually as such. With her gauntlets fully bound to the flames, Anyis can actually launch the metal armor from her hands and freely manipulate them through the tethering fire. Whereas her old Cross model had her practicing the Spirit Fist variety of fighting, Anyis now finds herself disciplined under the Flame Fist, in case the free-wheeling fire puppetry didn't make that clear from the start.

==Signature Attacks (240/240 points)==

Flame Fist: Rocket Grasp (Gravity, Disarm, 2TCD; 80 points)
With a single fast thrust, Anyis launches a gauntlet forward off her hand that grabs hold of a target. True to MeleeCross form, the captured target is then quickly dragged back into close range along the fire tether connecting Anyis to her gauntlet. If there's a range limit to this technique Anyis hasn't found it yet, and as an added bonus she can sometimes strip the target of its weaponry with the gauntlet's strong grip.

Flame Fist: Maximum Burn (Large Area Lava Terrain Change, 1TCD; 40 points)
Anyis launches one of her gauntlets into the ground in front of her target and cranks the heat of the flame tether up to maximum. The surrounding terrain is liquefied almost immediately into a pool of hot lava, at which point Anyis withdraws her gauntlet back to fit around her actual hand. Somehow, her gauntlet doesn't look like melted putty after all that.

Flame Fist: Immolation (30 Strengthen, Passive; 30/120 points)
What makes the Flame Fist more powerful? More flames! The fire on Anyis's arms can flare up on occasion for a bit of a power boost.

Level: 1
Element: Fire
Subtype: Shadow
Bonus: +10 Fire chip damage, 80 Cross Sig points

Since it's the most attention-grabbing alteration, let's just make it clear that, yes, Anyis gains (suffers by her own words) a... sizeable expansion in the chest area. It must be like, ingrained in Djinni's core data or something, because don't think for a second that Anyis didn't try to resist this change. Her chest really isn't any bigger than Djinni's in this form, but because Anyis lacks Djinni's height by a notable margin to balance, appearances give that this is just... too much. It ultimately is what it is, though, and as a result Anyis makes sure to have her adaptation of Djinni's clothes keep things as modest as possible. Anyis's white shirt, made of thick cloth, is form-fitting yet not to a degree where it could be called skintight. The sleeves are rolled up to expose her bare shoulders, and the lower end of the shirt doesn't make it past her ribs, but Anyis's stomach is not left exposed. A midnight blue velvet robe is strapped over her right shoulder only, not wrapping around her body fully until underneath the chest, before curtailing just around the knees. A thread of gold trim details the edges of the robe, giving it a very majestic (and expensive) look. She sports a loose pair of Arabian pants, white just like the shirt, and these too are rolled up slightly at the legs to just above her ankles. Her shoes are also made of white cloth, and curve up and back at the toes. One last piece of white clothing Anyis wears is a small turban on her head to tuck away her long hair, with just a select few strands spilling out and hanging over her face and a sapphire brooch pinned to the center to keep the headdress from coming undone. A blue feather is wedged into the pin of the brooch, of a dark hue just like that of the robe. Whatever other fabric she wears is all a translucent dark blue silk of very high quality, such that it will glisten like a gem in the right light. Of the things made from this silk, Anyis has her normal sash adapted to hug her new robe to her waist, a long scarf wrapped around her neck, and a full sleeve on her left arm, cut off and secured by a golden bracer hugging her bicep. All 5 of Anyis's left hand fingers have gold rings on them, each with an inset sapphire and a gold chain that links back up with the bracer. For all the silk and jewelry on her left arm, Anyis's right arm is incredibly bare, with the only present accessory being the sapphire-laden gold bracelet that she normally wears anyway.

For how high-class Anyis's outfit is, it's only naturally for her to have a bodyguard, right? Truth be told, the disparity between her chest and height has left Anyis with great difficulty in keeping her balance, so her usual fighting style is just beyond her (though she'd never admit that). As the solution, enter Cryos, DjinniCross edition. For how easily he appears and disappears, one could argue he's more of an assassin, but for the outside world at least Anyis is going to call Cryos a bodyguard. His flames, turned red and burning hot by this Cross, are fully suppressed by a thick fabric cloak and turban of a desert beige color. Cryos's face is entirely hidden behind the cloak's high collar, and when the cloak finally tapers off well below the knees, all that's seen are pants and boots made of a darker shade of cloth. All in all, the only thing imposing at a glance about Cryos as a bodyguard is his 11-foot-ish frame, but within is nothing but a body composed entirely of flames. His cloak flies open, fire fans out, and things die. Worth noting is the fact that Anyis can't merge with Cryos while in this Cross, as producing armor out of nothing but fabric and flames is a bit difficult.

==Signature Attacks (80/80 points)==

Desert Art - Heat Phantasm (Invisibility, 2TCD; 80 points)
Cryos appears behind Anyis and starts flaring up, generating enough heat to bend the surrounding air and cloak Anyis with the environment itself. He actually needs to keep his flames up to sustain the invisibility for more than a few seconds, so any fire-based attacks Anyis might use need to be thrown out very quickly.

Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug
Bonus: +10 Normal chip damage, 80 Cross Sig points

Rather than adapt features like usual with a Cross, Anyis found her own aspects provoked and re-imagined by EidolonCross, perhaps due to the similarities in the two patchwork female Navis. In normal form, Anyis's armor is stored separately within Cryos, but when EidolonCross triggers the entire suit is rebuilt from scratched and permanently fused to her body. It's hard to say what the metal of the armor actually is, other than its color is white like Grants' was when he was still alive. Anyis's new armor is very sleek and form-fitting, somehow maintaining an amazing degree of flexibility at all points at no compromise to the sturdiness of the metal. The mysterious material encases her entire body from head to toe, with the only gap on the underside of her helmet, allowing for her hair to spill out freely. While Anyis effectively has a bodysuit of pure metal, she additionally has some more standard-looking armor pieces equipped, such as the aforementioned helmet, greaves and boots, and a breastplate. Her helmet is closed-faced, with the only means of "viewing" through it being an opaque, full-faced orange visor. Additional armor encases Anyis's helmet, wrapping around her ears and the back of her head before splitting into a jaw-like frame that hangs on her brow and chin, where the visor begins and ends. When Anyis gets into one of her berserk rages while in this Cross, the jaw frame will actually move and shift as if it's her mouth. Sharp horns point upwards out of the ear covers, reminiscent of the Titan's, and as a result Cryos's, own heads.

Of the unique features of EidolonCross, probably the most notable is Anyis's right arm... or rather, the massive clump of the white metal that her right arm used to be. Hexagonal platelets of the white metal are packed onto her arm layer after layer from shoulder down to hand, up to the point where Anyis has almost no functional use for the arm other than as a bludgeon. In contrast, her left arm is entirely free of extra armor. There are what appear to be seams in the white metal bodysuit where they'd be expected for the sake of flexibility, but on closer inspection it can be seen that they are actually vein-like circuitry funneling data throughout the armor. The largest circuits go up Anyis's sides into the breastplate, looking more like decorative stripes than anything else. Functionally, the circuitry ultimately feeds into the oversized right arm, allowing Anyis to explode the armor into a giant hand of pure data, reminiscent of the Titan's own hand. Her temperament in this Cross is a bit like the Titan monster that Eidolen helped Anyis defeat, in that Anyis is prone to go berserk against an enemy more than normal. Another unique feature of Anyis's armor is the gray-metal vents on the back of her breastplate near the shoulder blades, in stark contrast with the otherwise sterile white armor. Element-less white fire, not hot like Grants' nor cold like Anyis's, emits from these vents, yielding a surprising destructive force that Anyis is free to control. Finally, while it isn't a weapon, one oddity exists in the EidolonCross that Anyis has created internally, in that Eidolon's tattered red scarf is wrapped around Anyis's neck. In all likelihood, it exists because of Anyis's recognition of Pianissimo, the last Navi to defeat her in a fight. Thankfully, the scarf seems unbothered by the white flames spewing from Anyis's back, as even when it catches fire no damage seems to result.

==Signature Attacks (80/80 points)==

Titan's Grip (Telekinesis, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis's right arm materializes from within the armor platelets at a massive scale, and with it she can, and will, rip just about any object out of the ground and unceremoniously pound her enemy with it. It's a little brutish for telekinesis, perhaps, but effective all the same.