Batch Code: Delna34RevsetEA

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Break



^^^ Rendering by Narika ^^^

^^^ Rendering by The Annoying Reaper ^^^

Meltdown is of an average navi height. For his colour scheme, Meltdown's hands and feet are bright yellow, which turns into a pulsing red as you move down the arm or up the leg. For both examples, by the time you reach the torso, the colour is cinder black. Bright red flames surround his hands and feet, and are almost as potent as the sun when charged. The only thing that sits on Meltdown's torso is his emblem, that of his trademark explosions. Meltdown's face itself is black also, with white pupils, a yellow iris, and the remainder black. His helmet bears a spiked design, resembling that of a punk hair style. This is also black, but with dark red highlights running across some of the taller tips. His arms and legs bear small spikes that run along the back of these areas, mainly for design, not as weapons. He has two katana-shaped swords mounted onto his back (black handle handles and red blades), which when held by Meltdown turn intensely hot, perfect for slicing through walls where detonations aren't the preferred choice of demolition.

Personality/History: Meltdown was built for demolition. A programmer's mistake attempt at heating repairs, Meltdown was more interested in watching furnaces explode rather than fixing them. His love of fire is probably what saved him from deletion, and his skills were sold as a factory-second at an garage sale. At least, that's what he believes...

Noticing his enthusiasm almost instantly, Alan purchased Meltdown for almost a tenth of his production cost. A few months and several upgrades later, Meltdown is famous for his stylish methods and almost artistic effectiveness. Meltdown's success ultimately comes from his abilities with fire: his deep knowledge and understanding of heat means he can not only utilize it well, but he can call it forth from any object just by concentrating. Just like Alan, Meltdown knows what the hard life is like, but unlike Alan, Meltdown doesn't know what the words "calm down" mean. Pyromaniac just doesn't describe this master of destruction well enough. Crazy and out-of-control is probably closer.

Custom Weapon: InCoRe
Meltdown never believed in busters from day one. Instead, Meltdown prefers his instant combustion reticles. Installed into his hands, the InCoRe allows Meltdown to release flames from his hands as a form of attack. It does so in many different ways, but the two most common ways you'll see Meltdown come out with are individual high-speed fireballs, and the continuous flamethrower.
*Pending Addition*
Team Signature Attacks

Current Sig Attack Limits:
Level 0-4: 60 Active (90 w/Nerf), 15 Passive

Signature Points Used/Total:
Meltdown: 140/140
TOTAL: 140/140

Signature Attacks (Meltdown):

[1] Raising the Heat
Type: Active
Points Used: 60
Attack Damage: 40 HP
Effects: Spread To 1 Enemy
Element: Fire
Turns to Cooldown: 2
Meltdown allows the fire inside him to focus into a collective entity. Once this is done, all Meltdown has to do is focus on a set point in the surrounding cyberspace, and force the flow of heat into one point of matter. Once the heat reaches critical mass, Meltdown releases his concentration, and an almighty explosion of dirt-turned magma shoots out of the ground, ready to blast whatever unsuspecting person or virus may have been foolishly sitting around.

[2] Potential Fuel Source
Type: Active
Points Used: 40
Effects: Large Area Terrain Change (Grass)
Element: None
Turns to Cooldown: 1
Meltdown's heating abilities can only go so far. In certain situations, even his strongest fire attacks do nothing to the proposed target. In an effort to increase attack effectiveness, Meltdown has purchased foliage dispensers. These cannons deploy rolls of highly flammable weeds onto the field, which can be used to further the intensity of Meltdown's already-insanely-hot attacks.

[3] Heating Mismanagement
Type: Passive
Points Used: 40
Element: Fire
Attack Damage: 10 HP
Meltdown's natural love of fire tends to singe those that come near him. While he can control this in his day-to-day activities, battles bring out the worst in his heat-management skills, and a lack of concentration means that the enemies he attacks can get more than they bargained for...
Team GMOs:


[1] Meltdown.GMO
Meltdown's default appearance. Need I say more?