"Artillery Geared Weapon System"
Nicknamed "Gear" by netop.


Description: Gear has some humanoid qualities to him, if having a torso, arms, and head counts towards this. Instead of the hips and legs that most creations travel with, Gear has two massive gears connected to an axle with gearbox using gyroscope-based dynamic stabilization technology so he doesn't fall down face first or anything like that. His torso seems to be a primitive recreation of a human's made out of metal, with gears and other mechanical parts sticking out to signal the location of weapon compartments along the front and back. Gear's shoulders uses two large gears as a pivot between the body and arm, only allowing two-dimensional movement. (Up/down) Gear's elbows and finger joints share this characteristic, with the elbow's movement being perpendicular to the shoulder's. The arms themselves are metal cylinder, with two gears extruding out of the bottom of the forearm. These two gears function to extend a second cylinder in the forearm to increase the arm's length.

Gear is also a bit large. If you want more detail about how large the navi is, the height alone is close to 9 feet. The width is about 3 feet and the length of the navi is probably around 2 and a half feet. The gears used as wheels have a radius of about 2 feet.

Gear's head is a bit of a trapezoid shape with a single gear between it and the body, allowing the head to have a full 360 degree rotation. Gear's jaw is a metal plate with crude triangles cut out at the top. The jaw is kept in place around where the cheeks would be located, using gears located on the outside to move the jaw up or down. There are two slits in the metal where the eyes would normally be located at, with a small red light dead center in the slits.

All of the metal his body is comprised of is a rusty brown color.

Personality: Gear has a child-like mentality. By all means this doesn't mean he isn't stupid, quite the contrary Gear is quite intelligent. It is just overshadowed by his rollick attitude for destruction he was programmed with. Gear wasn't programmed to have a sense of morality, so don't expect him to have the same sense of right and wrong that sociality has.

Weapons: Several high grade ranged weaponry such as Howitzers, railguns, artillery grade shells and other weapons of destruction hidden away in the navi's body. Poking out of the hidden compartments all over the navi's body when they are about to be used for combat.


"Gear Targeting System Mk 1" (40 points)

Gear likes breaking stuff. Gear likes it when he hits the stuff he wants to break. So he has a targeting system built in to better hit the targets Gear wanted to break.

Passive take aim.