Name: Beatnik.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Elec

Type: Speed

Appearance: Beatnik is made of searingly bright colour. Her bodysuit is sunshine yellow, her eyes are a virulent red, and her hair is neon green. For the most part, that hair only reaches her chin, except for a single tail behind that extends down her back for a length of six feet or so. The tail tends to whip around behind her when she's on the move.

She is a humanoid Navi, but a little androgynous. She has a skinny build and a despairingly flat chest. There are two metal rings around each wrist, which jangle, and another around her neck, which doesn't. Metal stripes run down the backs of her arms and the front of her legs. These stripes diverge to form rings around her elbows and knees. The stripes terminate in circles on the backs of her hands and tops of her feet.

She doesn't actually wear any kind of armor. Instead, plates of sky-blue metal float around her. They're held in orbit by a magnetic field. The plates revolve slowly like planets around a sun. She can swing them around her body at will to form walls or weaponry.

Beatnik's only about five feet in height, but because she is constantly hovering ten inches off the ground, she seems taller. This is accomplished through another two rings that float directly between the bottoms of her feet and the ground. They're held in place by a powerful magnetic field, like the one that supports her free-flying armour. By rapidly swapping the polarities of her feet, Beatnik can attract the rings and then push them off again. The resulting effect is skating on air. This may look strange, but it propels her at massive speeds.

Emblem: Beatnik's emblem is stamped onto the insides of the floating armour plates. It's a record, cracked down the middle into two distinct halves.

Personality: Beatnik has the voice of a woman in her twenties and the nasal accent of a Netopian. It suits her perfectly. She's rude, she's crude, and she spends just as much time taunting her enemy as she will hammering it to pieces. Beatnik is the first one to whine when things don't go her way, which is a lot more often than she'd like. She's cocky enough to declare victory long before she ought to. It's led to many a jam.

She's essentially everything that her Operator is not. Beatnik finds Antoinette a little embarassing. Because she's just a Navi, Beatnik can't seem to figure out the cause of Toni's perpetual gloom. To her credit, though, she's constantly taking the initiative to get Antoinette to do things. She sets up job interviews and nags her to go out in public for a coffee. If confronted about it, Beatnik just shrugs it off; somebody's gotta do it.

Backstory: Once, Beatnik was a middle-ranking member of the NetMafia. She was directly involved with the breakout of the Great Net War in Electopia. She was pitted against a certain Binary.EXE and Red.EXE, as well as the Head of the Department of Justice, Montag.EXE. While preparing to strike the final series of blows, Montag managed to escape along with the two civilians. Beatnik's superiors were less than pleased. She'd been served up a golden chance to delete an important figure on the NetPolice totem pole, and as usual, she'd messed up. That, along with her countless behavioural violations in the past, culminated in her expulsion from the Mafia. Beatnik lost most of her power, leaving her at the level of an average starting Navi.

Since then, she's been pretty bitter. All bets are off with the NetMafia because of what they did, but she's unwilling to ally with the NetPolice because they were her sworn enemies for so long. She's happy enough just cruising along, letting the big organizations do their thing as long as they don't come after her.

Custom Weapon: Beatnik's custom weapon is whatever she feels like at the time. Amongst her favourites are blades made of pure magnetic energy, those floating metal plates, and the tried-and-true kick in the gut.

Signature Attack: First Lock: Techno Waltz
Beatnik brings all of her floating armour pieces together and locks them into the form of a sky-blue wall. She charges the face of this wall with electricity, and then takes off to ram into an unfortunate sucker.
[Charge time nerf (+30)
90 Elec damage (60 pool+30 nerf)]