Basic Information

Name: Enigma.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Glitch

Appearance: Enigma takes the form of any non-organic (animal/plant etc.) object that he should choose. When not in combat or transforming for the fun of it, Enigma takes the default form of a slightly fluxing humanoid. His features usually change from different forms of bits of data strung together, with his eyes and mouth (small, but eloquent) sticking out, not changing while the rest of his body shifts endlessly. His hands will usually subconsciously form different objects attached mysteriously to his arms, not based on his motion, but because he likes the looks of it and lets himself transform freely.

However, the one thing that stays the same about him is his color. The majority of his body (usually the center parts, like torso, thighs, or head of a hammer, etc.) is a deep, magnificent royal purple. The detail (haft of weapon, ends of limbs, etc.) is pitch-black, giving him an overall dark look. His eyes are a piercing light blue, not to plagiarize Harry Potter or anything, but it could seem as if he were "x-raying" you with those eyes. Going back to his overall look, he never seems to be complete — there's always some part of his body that's missing, like half of his chest, or his thigh. He seems to be in constant shift, always with some bit of his body being re-formed or broken down to and from bits of data.

Personality: Enigma is Ceres' polar opposite, representing ice. He's mainly cool under pressure, and can manage his passion or anger, using cold instead of hot. Hot anger can be manipulated; cold anger is useful. Disdain will make your enemies angry and have them make mistakes, but you can do the same — or so Enigma reasons. He, like his NetOp, enjoys debates, although he doesn't jump upon the opportunity to disagree or prove another wrong so readily. Enigma will often sit still, if cautiously, for minutes at a time, evaluating his situation, and different ways to manipulate it to his advantage. However, he's not above having a good time.

Custom Weapon: Enigma has no real set weapon. He can change his overall form, or just his arms, at will, as aforementioned, into any non-organic substance. He prefers weapons of some sort, and doesn't hesitate to provide comic relief during skirmishes. For example, he could turn into a katana and slash an enemy virii, or attach mallets to his hands and use them as weapons in humanoid form.

Note: Ceres is the older brother of Kure. Kure passed basically all of his busting materials to Ceres and Enigma after the freak accident involving Cybeasts which induced the permanent deletion of his navi, Zephyr.EXE.

Other Information

HP: 140

Actions: 5

Zenny: 10280z

Level: 11

Upgrades Purchased
HP Memories: 2
Speed Upgrades: 2
Process Upgrades: 9

Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 2
Buster Shot: 2 DMG (1*1*2)
Charge Shot: 16 DMG (1*2*8)

Big.EXE: 8
First Thread: Oh, the IQ Difference...
Second Thread: More Bonding!

First Thread: Mission: The Monster of the Viral Lab

Key Items

-MiniEnrg x2

Shotgun x2: 50 damage + spread 1. Accuracy: A
Heatshot x2: 40 damage + spread 1. Accuracy: A Element: Fire
Vulcan2: 10 damage x5 + spread 1. Accuracy: A
Airshot2: 30 damage and strong knockback. Accuracy: A
Wideshot: 60 + Wide Attack. Accuracy: A Element: Aqua
Rageclaw: 40 damage slashing, 20 impacting. Accuracy: B
BigHammer: 160 damage + Impact + Break. Accuracy: B
Dash Attack: 90 damage + Impact. Accuracy: C
Flameline1: 70 + 3 targets. Accuracy: B Element: Fire
AirRaid1: Summon 100 HP FighterPlane (Flying) [50 + Impact] [10x10 shots] Accuracy: A Duration: 3
Areagrab: Teleports to another location on terrain. +1 Accuracy.
RiskyHoney1: Blocks one attack, retaliates. 5 DMG x 10 Bees + Homing. Accuracy: A Element: Wood
Widesword: Large sword hits up to 3 targets with good RP. 80 DMG + Slashing. Accuracy: B
Spice1: 80 To-All DMG, only on Grass Accuracy: A Element: Wood
Zapring1: 40 DMG, Stun Accuracy: A Element: Elec
MarkCannon1: 70 DMG, Seeking, Lockon Accuracy: A
AuraHead1: 90 DMG, Break, Line Attack, Aura Boost Accuracy: B/C/D
Guard2: Blocks one attack, reflects for 120 DMG Accuracy: S


Minibosses/Bosses Defeated: Turbine/Spool Conflict (Turbine terminated)
MegaMet BLUE
Losses: Metool Hero

Signature Attacks

Quote (Data Influx)

Data Influx: Enigma uses some of his unique transforming ability to fill up the gaps where he's taken damage, healing him a good amount. This can be shown in a multitude of ways via RP, because the manners in which he can heal himself are as varied as the ways he can attack. Usually, bits of the injury are left showing, almost like scar tissue; they're also usually glowing level, depending on the severity of the wounds. [45 HP Heal, 2TCD]

Data Vampirism: Enigma uses one of his special attacks on an enemy (whatever he likes it to be), and sucks up some of their data along with the damage he does to it. It gets absorbed and is used to heal whatever wounds Enigma has gotten through the course of the battle. The data that he takes from his opponents isn't as "pure" as the data he uses for simply healing himself; wounds show through much more, and this can be thought of almost as a temporary heal for him, because RP-wise he can't feel much relief from the stolen data. [60 damage, 20 lifedrain, 3TCD]

Fluctuating Nature: Enigma's very nature, that of a shapeshifter, allows him to "morph" around a few attacks that may come his way, essentially letting him use his own data as a shield if he likes. This 'block' can either be a separate part of data shooting off to take the hit at no cost to him, or a simple reflex to dodge the hit. [PASSIVE]
[Blocks 1 hit in 1 direction per turn]

Data Augmentation: Enigma's unstable makeup often allows him to stabilize his aiming in many ways, or improve the overall accuracy. This can done in as many was as he can think of. [PASSIVE]
[One instance of take aim per turn]

Data Solidification: Enigma, in an attempt to defend himself more efficiently, hardens his incomplete structure and reinforces it with excess data. Once fully solidified, the protest of his many different data bits wanting to move about creates a strain on his body. While solidified, Enigma loses all range of motion outside of the very basic, and is rooted to the spot where he activated the ability. In essence, he is a Net ballista, destroying everything in his line of sight for a limited amount of time while he's invincible. With this increased power also comes better accuracy, seeing as he's not even moving and can steady himself easily. His first attack also gains breaking properties because of the extra energy applied to the attacks. However, after the effect is disabled, his particles are weakened from the strain of trying to release themselves, leaving him with no buster usage for around two turns. [Ironbody for one turn, Strengthen pool of 100, one instance of Stun, 6TCD]

Error: Enigma uses his fluctuating abilities to screw things up either for himself or for something else. He (or anyone else) won't know what will happen until it does. All he can do is hope for the best. [Glitch x1, 1TCD]

Virus: Enigma further applies his abilities to create a glitch of an even larger magnitude. Hopefully it'll help him and not hurt him. [Glitch x2, 1TCD]

Sig Pool: 0
Used: 420
Cap: 140
Process Upgrades: 9