Name: Tetsujin.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Appearance: Tetsujin's appearance was... not very well thought out. Mokujin, uninterested in appearances, made a fairly quick decision when choosing a model for Tetsujin; "He'll just look like me...". As a result, Tetsujin's appearance is absurdly human, his body proportional to Mokujin's in nearly every way, with only a few minor differentiations. First, and foremost, Tetsujin's hair is blue; a result of a shading error in the process of his creation. His eyes are also victim to error, their color a faint emerald, deviating from
Mokujin's cold azure. The final difference is of Tetsujin's own accord; a bit of an exhibitionist, Tetsujin has no trouble showing off his "human" physique, and as such struts around in nothing more than a black, open-vest and baggy blue shorts. Also, unlike Mokujin, much of his hair is tied back in a long ponytail, leaving his bangs hanging downward, just for "added fun". His Navi Symbol is located on his back, appearing much like a tattoo.

Personality: Tetsujin's personality can be best described as... loud. The vast majority of his communication consists of shouting various degrees of nonsense at whomever he sees fit. He lacks any real form of shame, displaying little restraint in the spitting of a constant stream of profanity and insults, regardless of how little sense they make. Cocky by nature, he proclaims himself as the "iron wall" of the net (a tribute to his name, meaning "Iron Man"), and retains his confident attitude at all times. Despite these... perks, however, Tetsujin is extremely loyal to Mokujin, following his orders to the letter; though, he never fails to bring his complaints along for the ride. If there is one thing that this navi has in common with his operator, though, it's the thrill of the fight. Tetsujin, like Mokujin, has no qualm with the concept of bringing death; when Mokujin tells him to kill (they both despise the term "delete"), he joyously complies, making them quite the duo indeed.

Custom Weapon: Itama (One Soul)
Tetsujin, like Mokujin, is a master of the martial arts, and as a result, his body is a honed weapon in its own. However, Tetsujin loves weapons, and as such, he wields the Itama. Appearing as a simple sphere of energy that emerges from his palm, the Itama serves as a variable weapons system for Tetsujin; he can mold it to any martial weapon that he is proficient with. A sword, a staff, and even a bow and arrow are accessible to Tetsujin in the form of his little sphere of energy. As such, he is well-prepared for a variety of combat situations.

Signature Attack:

"Your Ass is Grass."
Tetsujin may be a major loudmouth, but that doesn't stop him from being a seasoned martial artist. Trained in the ways of the traditional arts, he focuses his "spirit", granting him a subtle, yet efficient increase in his strength for what he does best: hitting things. A lot.
Effect: Empower (2)
TCD: 2

"I'm the Iron Wall, B****."
Tetsujin, being an incredible showoff, tends to make horrendously stupid gambles. As a result, he created a technique that allows him to resist virtually any force with little damage as a result; however, being able to create such defensive power causes a bit of strain on his body. Either that, or it's because he's stupid enough to turn his back to the enemy turning a fight.
Effect: X-hit Defense (1)
Nerf(s): Sacrifice (1)
TCD: 1