Name: Magna.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break
Appearance: Magna isn't a humanoid-type Navi, but rather the more simplistic mechanical-type design. If it (being a mechanical-type, it has no defined gender) had to be described in a few words, it would probably be best to call Magna the Metal Golem Navi. It is a massive Navi, being roughly 1.25 to 1.5 times larger than an average Navi. The base of Magna is a dark purple conical frustum (cylinder, except the bottom is a bit larger than the top). Magna has no legs, therefore making it slowly crawl around for basic movement. When faster movement is required, Magna uses a large piston in the bottom of its base to make powerful jumps. Magna's waist is a simple pale yellow cylinder mounted on top of the base. The torso, a 3D elliptical shape the same purple as the base, is set on top of the waist. The sides of the torso are caved in to serve as shoulder sockets, where the shoulders, dark purples spheres, are connected. The upper arms are pale yellow rods, and the forearms are large, dark purple egg shapes, the larger end of which serves as the palms for the hands. The fingers are just pale yellow rods like the forearms, expect hinged together to provide joints. The neck is represented by two dark purple cylinders on top of the torso, the smaller cylinder on top, and look like a sort of collar. The head, also dark purple, juts out of the collar as a cylinder that rounds out at the top to form the scalp. The only things that make Magna's face are three holes, two circles and one rectangle, which make its eyes and mouth. An orange glow comes out of all three holes, giving the face a spooky look.

Personality: Magna is a Navi of Mill's own design, but he has spent much more focus on the body than the personality. Magna speaks in a very robotic tone, typically just giving conformation messages or whatever the default response would be. Magna will occasionally give a more detailed, out-of-character response, but that usually only happens in dire situations.

Custom Weapon: Shutter Palms — Shutters on each of Magna's palms open up to reveal buster cannons. The right hand shutter serves as a regulation buster, while the left works as a heavy cannon reserved for charge shots and special attacks.

Signature Attacks:

Cannonball Golem (100 damage, Break, -15 HP Sacrifice, 3TCD; 100 points, 20 nerf)
Magna shoots himself forward, using his piston to propel his giant form. Rather than use his hands, shoulders, or any other body part, Magna opts to attack in the most rudimentary way: the headbutt. Not the most classy strike, but it is a time-tested method. His raw power and speed can shatter the target's defenses, inflicting. Magna takes some recoil damage, as is normal with a headbutt, but chances are that the guy with the metal skull will come out on top.

Terrascaper (3 Hit Shield, 2TCD; 60 points)
Magna slams his piston into the ground, driving it several feet in and forcing the ground in front of him upwards. Having not mutilated nature enough already, Magna grabs the spire, tears it out of the earth, and equips it as a shield. As they say, defense is the best offense... Or is it offense is the best defense? Either way, all Magna needs to know is that smashing things has yet to fail him.

Shutter Tornado (50 Life Drain, 3TCD; 100 points)
The shutter on Magna's left palm opens up and begins drawing in air with torrential force. The target of this artifcial windstorm gets its energy ripped out of it and absorbed into Magna's body. Magna no longer needs direct contact for this attack, and is able to use it up to mid-range.


Name: Compressor.GMO (Level 0 GMO)

Description: Fitting to the name, Magna's form shrinks down to that of a more normal, humanoid Navi. To be more specific, he takes the basic shape of a GuardNavi model, retaining his purple color scheme with pale yellow undertones. Additionally, the Compressor's armor is just a bit thicker than normal, most particularly at the chest, boots, and gloves, which is perhaps a throwback to Magna's default body. Like other GuardNavis, Magna's face is covered by a blast shield, although that itself only runs to the tip of Magna's nose, exposing his mouth and the plain-colored skin around it. The eye slit on the shield is covered by an opaque orange visor, giving no clue towards Magna's eye color. His signature piston is redirected to a barrel-shaped attachment on his right arm. This apparatus houses a 2-inch thick cylinder that emulates all of Magna's piston-based attacks at full power, despite its reduced size. The barrel itself has a small vent on its back that lets out some steam every time the cylinder is launched, giving it the feel of being hydraulic-powered. Finally, his palms are still embedded with the shutters that work his buster, although they too are smaller to fit the Compressor design.