Name: Pol
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recovery
Appearance: Pol is a tall navi. If he were a real person, he would be a gaunt 7ft tall. His pants are long and baggy around his ankles, and his shoes are one piece, no strings. He wears a white baggy shirt that covers down to his elbows. His arms, hands, and face are covered by bandages. One of his eyes is covered by a bandage, while the other is is a bright green. His hair is not covered by bandages, and spikes out from his head. It is a dark green color.

Personality: Subdued. He rarely shows emotion for things. He might hug someone, or ruffle hair, or be nice to a kid. However he is generally not very motivated in what he does. He'll follow commands, but won't do anything to his full ability unless properly motivated. In simple terms: he dials down the damage of any weapon or item he uses to half power unless he feels like fighting, and he rarely feels like fighting. He is a recovery type navi, and in battle prefers to dodge, avoid, and heal others instead of being the one to destroy things.

Custom Weapon: Fist/foot. Unarmed attacks. Melee range, standard damage.
Signature Attack: His signature attack would be unlikely to be used, as he would be unmotivated to activate it.

Should his signature attack be activated, he holds out one of his arms, aiming the palm at the target. The bandages around the arm burst off and float around his arm, which is shown to be perfectly healthy, save for strange green tattoos that run up and down along it's length. The tattoo's glow, and pulses of energy run down the tattoo's to his palm, where they gather in a green orb. The orb then fires off into a bead sized blast that travels extremely quickly, and leaves a short lived line leading from his palm to wherever the bead impacts. Once the bead impacts, the beam widens and does damage. Afterwards the bandages fall to the side and pol generally takes the time to rewrap his arm.

the basic 60 damage and 2 round cooldown. It just looks cooler than a bigger buster shot.

Again, Pol will not use his signature attack unless he is seriously motivated for some reason or another.

When he uses the converted recovery version of his signature move, it instead appears as a flash of green energy running down his arm and into the target navi. His bandages do not go flying out, and his arm remains covered.

Likes: hats, pieces of straw that he can chew on. books. capes.
Dislikes: mean people. viruses. and from time to time, clouds.

equipped: undershrt, atk +1, Charge +1, Charge +1, Rapid +1, Rapid +1
Navicust remaining 0/40

extra charge and rapids inherited from old forums