Name: Waltzen.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: Waltzen is a very classy-looking Navi, sporting black dress shoes and pants, along with a navy blue tailcoat and a white puffed shirt underneath. The chest pocket on his tailcoat has Waltzen's emblem on it, which is a red rose. It looks like he wears white gloves as well, but that's actually just his bodysuit underneath the clothing. He has blonde hair and a handsome face comprised of bright blue eyes and a brilliant smile. Outside of battle, Waltzen will sometimes wear a black tophat on his head.
Personality: Despite the name, Waltzen is actually good at many different dances (the waltz is just J's favorite). In regards to other Navis, Waltzen is a real ladies' man, always ready to flirt and show off. He is usually very curt with male Navis, claiming that they don't interest him at all. Waltzen usually requests J to play songs from his PET during battle, choosing to fight along the rhythm of the songs instead of battling haphazardly.
Custom Weapon: Red Rose - The petals can fire out of the flower as sharp projectiles.
Signature Attack: Double Step - Waltzen makes a quick spin move to his side, leaving a decoy of himself in his wake that stays on the field for 3 turns. 2 turn CD.

Cap: 60
Points used: 60 (1 Decoy [20] x 3 turns = 60)