Name: Zephyr

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Type: Wind

Appearance: Zephyr appears to be a normal-shaped Navi, if a bit shorter, with dark-green coloring. He wears a helmet with jagged, zig-zaggy designs going from the front to the back, colored blue; the rest of the helmet is deep black. The helmet has a shape designed to fit his head perfectly, going down over his head to the neck. His 'ears' are covered, with small, scattered holes for his audio sensors. A mask obscures all but his green eyes and the slightest amount of his skin when in battle, colored black as well.

His bodysuit has two jagged lines running down the sides as well as his helmet, matching designs. However, his suit has a few plates of material on his chest, thighs, and back, to offer some more protection than the basic suit. His 'shoes' appear to be basic all-terrain walking shoes, with no decoration and simply colored black.

Personality: Zephyr is the classic example of a bipolar disposition. Most of the time, he retains a 'cool' attitude...AKA, appears blase at whatever happens. However, on the rare occasion that everything's going well for him, he'll buck up and get to an almost hyperactive state of mind. He has little to no categorical imperative, meaning that he can do pretty much anything without feeling bad about it: AKA sociopath. He does have a sense of morals, but he can normally resist the urge to follow it. This probably led to 's bad grades...

Custom Weapon: His 'buster' is a pair of claws that appear to be formed out of controlled gases. AKA, Wind Claws. These claws can cut through substances like a Sword, and have around the same range. The claws are difficult to see at times, especially when in light environments: it may appear at first, from a distance, that he has no weapon.

Signature Attack: Dirt Storm: Zephyr initiates a cloud of foliage, rocks, and soil/mud into the eyes/visibility organs of the enemy for no damage, but blinds for one turn. He needs two turns to regain the necessary materials for another attack. (2-turn CD)