Name: Celeste
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Element: Normal
Type: Recover

A very playful and fun loving young woman. For the most part, she acts like someone close to 10 years her junior. She desperately yearns to be completely independent, but at the same time dreams of a family. She likes to tease people, especially those close to her, but has a tendency to go overboard and hurt others' feelings with it. The closer she is to someone, the more of her abilities she can access as well. This is mainly due to her being unwillingly to show people her true emotions, which are the key to using her most devastating attacks.

She stands roughly 5'4", weighing in at around 120 pounds. She is a petite woman, yet has pleasing curves to her body. She has long hair, almost white but with a noticeable hint of a light blue. It falls straight to her middle back, with a large braid on the left side which she usually flips in front of her. She wears a typical Japanese shrine maiden outfit, mainly white with red. The exception of is it has no attached sleeves. Instead, the sleeves are held on by a red ribbon threaded through the top of them just above her elbow. The dress is long enough to cover her feet, but she wears a pair of normal sneakers underneath.

Custom Weapon
Voice. Her voice alone deals 0 damage to enemies, but can be used to heal allies with the conversion ability. When singing a song, her voice taps into her emotions and the energy of the net to create an attack.

Chip Usage
The chip data is downloaded and can be crafted into a song instantaneously, or Celeste can simply use the chip as normal. This mainly depends on the situation and the tactics that Leon and Celeste have devised. While crafting a chip into a song may change its appearance, the effect of the attack remains unchanged.

Celeste relies on the power of songs to fight in battle. Songs are activated using one action. They can be released immediately after the song has started, or she can continue to sing to build up additional power. When a song begins, it is Burst level 1. Depending on the song, additional actions can raise the burst level to a maximum of 4 (depending on the current PU's installed). When singing, she is still fully able to dodge. Also, if hit while singing, the burst level will be affected negatively, depending on the song.

Level 1A: Firecracker

Celeste begins singing, forming a powerful ball of energy above her head. As she continues to sing, the ball grows in both size and explosive power as the burst level increases. This song has a maximum burst level of 2. If hit with any attack while singing, one burst level is lost.

Deals 20 + (10 x Burst Level) Damage to (Burst Level - 1 enemies), minimum of one.
Cooldown of (Burst Level -1.5) rounded down.
Max Burst level 2.
1 Action = 1 Burst Level.
If hit, one burst level is lost.

Level 1B: Stranger to Love

Celeste sings a sad breakup song while conjuring up the spirit of a young, heartbroken anime girl. As Celeste sings more, the girl begins to get more upset, increasing the the amount of tears the girl cries when Celeste unleashes the stored power.

Deals (Burst) x ((Attack Stat) x 15) Aqua damage.
Has a cooldown of (Burst-1), minimum 1.
Has max Burst level 2.
1 Action = 1 Burst Level
If hit, one burst level is lost.
Gmo 0: Tragic Valkyrie Warrior, Ayumi

Celeste's hair is cut short, barely making it to her shoulders in the longest area. The hair is a golden blond, curly in the front while being slightly spiked backwards in the back. She dons a tight bodysuit standard of many navi, colored a light blue. She has golden lines running from around her neck down her back to her belt, spaced to cross the middle of her shoulder blades. Instead of straight crossing, though, there are two sideways ovals drawn before the line continues down her back and tapers into a v right above her waist. From there, a single line continues down her butt, splitting roughly half way and following each leg and into her boots. On the front, there is a single line that runs down the front of her chest, encircling her navi symbol when it intersects, then continuing downward and making another small open circle around her navel before being tucked away into her belt. On the bottom of the belt, there are two lines, one running down the front of each leg until hitting the boots, but extending to the soles of her feet where it joins with the line traveling down the back of her leg.

Her armor is composed of what appears to be a white metal, and being very feminine with a flowing Valkyrie motif to the set. It has a pair of elegant shoulder pads that somehow lock on to her body suit, providing decent defense but with no loss of range of motion. She also has a pair of gauntlets to protect her hands in combat, and a pair of elegant, sweeping boots with wings sprouting off the outer side of the ankles. The last bit of her outfit is finished with a white belt, with two strong looking pieces of armor to protect each hip, and a long, semi-transparent white cloth hanging down both in front and behind her. The cloth comes to the middle of her shins on both sides, and server to add an exotic and elegant touch.

She carries a giant electrified hammer, nicknamed Mjolnir, but it's merely for show and intimidation anymore, and as such, is lightweight and ill-suited for combat.