His Navi is Claw.7705.EXE.

Element: Fire

Type: Break

Appearance: Unlike most Navi's Claw assumes a rather unusual form. He is probably as a few small units taller than Gutsman.EXE. His head is what appears to be a floating 8 ball which far enough from the rest of his body to make everyone think there's an invisible neck on his shoulders. His arms which are his greatest weapon are very large. Pretty much a couple heads taller than the rest of his body. His formarms are as tall as his would-be legs. Both incased in large gauntlet which could destroy in anomate objects and some tiles with their sheer power. His hands are large enough to grasp hold a navi's entire body. Claw actually has no legs and has to walk on his hands sometimes using his middle body as peg leg to balance himself. He also has rocket boosters that assume the shape of two large yellow horns protruding from his back. These horns harness the power that is usually used in charged buster gun attacks in able to jump higher, levitate, or dodge wide shot moves sometimes allowing him to skip platforms.

Personality: Claw is a rather childish Navi. He's very inergetic especially for a break type navi. He speaks more casually than his opperator and has a tendancy not to give up. He is taught by Akio to help other and be kind. So anything kind that Claw would say or do seems rather learned than genuine. Claw has a tendancy to shout when he talks. So much in fact, that Akio has to tune down the PET's volume to avoid head strain. In fights, Claw can be intimidated to use his special move quite easily... just as Akio is gullible... hense, Claw too is gullible. Unlike Akio, Claw is impatient and hardly has any chivalry in him. He is loyal to Akio yet still disagrees with a few things. He also has a tendancy to end most of his senteces with a casual japanese ending. (Such as Dayo, Danaa, Daze... so on.)

Custom Weapon: (Rocket Punch) Claw's arms are in combination with his rocket pack. The energy charged can be used to attack an opponite, or flying. The harnessed energy can be transferred from hand to rocket pack or vice-versa. Depending on the demand of the situation.

Signature Attack: Doomsday Punch. ( in other words a really fast stun punch)

Claw's Rocket boost goes into overdrive, rocketting him to an opponite at any distance.so fast that it looks some could say it outruns teleportation. The contact will render the opponite temperarily immobile for one turn (unless dodged) Like other Signature moves, it takes two turns it can be used again.(which I find cheap for some reason) (50 dmg+stun effect)