Name: Slither.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: Slither has the same body type as his operator, tall and lanky. He's approximately 7 feet tall, but appears around 6' 5". Slither looks like a human, except his skin is tinted slightly blue and he has a small motherboard looking object connected to his back (Over his coat) which is always flashing and has six wires which extend into Slither's sides, three wires a side. He has a wide, full tooth grin, thin lips and his voice is just barely considered low compared to most human males. On his head Slither has a brown leather bowler cap with his dark black hair coming out from under him down to his collar, covering most of his face except his large, pointed nose and green eyes.
Slither's body is completely covered by clothing. He wears a brown collared shirt with red stripes, and covering that is a thick light brown coat which extends down to between his knees and pelvis. Slither almost always has his hands in the coat's pockets, but when he takes them out it can be seen that he wears black gloves over his hands. Slither's legs are covered by tidy, dark brown dress pants, although past his knees they become baggy. Slither has nothing over his feet.
For a Weapon Slither uses what he likes to call "Street Magic", This basically means Slither makes things appear, dissaper, or heal/strengthen his allies through various over-exaggerated gestures. This is actually the device connected to his back, which teleports things from a small hidden storage space onto the battlefield, or manipulates the area to heal/strengthen allies or himself.

Personality: Slither is, in a way, charismatic. He has a way of getting you to think whatever he wants you to think about him. Often, he manages to slime out of theft or some other crime by convincing someone he is an innocent navi of a paralyzed child or by acting overly flamboyant. In reality, Slither is an overly compassionate, anti-government snake. He tends to betray anyone he feels isn't worthy of god-given life. This usually composes of all males that aren't children or his operator. Very few women fall under that category however, which is often where Slither is overly compassionate. He, for some strange reason, can forgive almost any woman of all most anything all most all the time. It's unknown why this is.
Another distinguishable personality trait of Slither, no matter how he acts around you, is his disdain of all things government. Slither spends much of his free time stealing from Government banks, scaring and/or deleting officials, and even on occasion planting bombs. No one is quite sure why Slither feels this way, (As he's given many reasons) although the most likely reason is probably a feeling of being controlled and having no freedom, despite the many illegal activities Slither partakes in anyway.

Signature Attacks:

Level 1:
Boom goes the Juggler: Slither takes his hat off, reaches in, and pulls out three balls. He then juggles them, then one by one throws them at the enemy. Each explodes upon impact. (60 Damage, 2 turn cool down. MAY hit more than one foe for 20 damage per ball)