Name: Firebird.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Recover
Appearance: He looks like an amorphous shadow most of the time. Underneath this disguise, however, he is a dark red, human-like navi with and wings on his back. He does not have the usual armor. Instead, he has a black shirt and pants that always seem to be moving (as if blown by wind). He has brown hair.
Personality: His personality is similar to Matthew's, except Phoenix is usually a lot colder and less friendly than his operator.
Custom Weapon: Wing Shield- Reflects weak to moderate strength attacks. If he tries it on too powerful an attack, however, he is dealt double damage.
Signature Attack: Healing Fire- Firebird sends a blast of fire at one enemy. Does thirty damage and heals Firebird by the same amount. 2 turn cooldown.