Element: Elec
Type: N/A
Appearance:(this is an old photo (*points to 3 spikes*) user posted imageof medium height, he has 2 big spikes on his back.He is of average build with the exception of his huge fists. He has emerald eyes and is very light for his appearance.His head is somewhat cylindrical and slowly curves inward, in short, the top of his head is a lightning rod. His feet are quite small near his crotch but his lower legs are armored. His entire body chassis is yellow and orange.
Personality:He is usually silent but when he talks, he talks with solemn wisdom
Custom Weapon:Pulse Fist:Launches huge fists at enemy.
Signature Attack: Sig atk: Pulse :This shoots an electric powered soundwave that can hit one or 2 targets. if it hits 2 targets. it does 35 points of elec type damage to the opponent. If 1 target, then it deals 70 points of elec damage. this attack has a 2 turn cooldown.