Name: Alphonse.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Normal


Apperance/Personality: Alphonse is a young gentleman around the age of 23. Alphonse is in a long dark brown coat, with a white dress shirt inside, tucked into his pants. He has light brown pants that are wide in the end of the pants (kind of like baggy pants but not all crowded on the end), a red necktie, and a pair of metal rim glasses. He has a blond slicked-backed hair, a light gray eye, and taller than average navis. Despite his appearance of his clothes, he has two gauntlet equipped on both of his arms (Description on “weapon”) and a metal greaves covering to his shin(it is covered by the pants). Alphonse is very patient, has formal attitude in most situation, has the fighting spirit parallel with K’s, and he is quite a playboy him self. Alphonse is let loose on the net most of the time, because K doesn’t use the net much. Alphonse spends his time around the Netopia square and the PDB(Public Data Base, a net library) reading and socializing with other navis. Every friend of K thinks that Alphonse and K are both opposite & perfect match, the personality, looks, and behaviors are complete opposite, but they have same spirit & ambition, to win.

Custom Weapon:Two different colored gauntlets. The right arm gauntlet is colored light gray, which is heavily plated with steel and covers up to his elbow on his right arm (Nickname: White Tiger/Bekho). The left arm gauntlet is colored dark emerald green, that is lightly plated and easy to maneuver and covers his whole left arm (nickname: Jade Dragon/Yooung)(Resembling the Asian dragons). Battle Program: “Weapon Fist”


Rapier Punch: Alphonse kneels down little bit with his left arm straightened up. Dashes with high speed and punches the enemy. It shows an after-image of a Fire-red rapier in the area where his punch landed.

Doloire Swipe: As Alphonse raises his right foot up slightly, he delievers a swift round-house kick with an after-image of a miniature axe following his foot.


Claymore Swing: Alphonse spreads his right arm up, then he takes a large leap and wildly swings his arm 3 times. Each time he swings his fist, an after-image of a burning claymore swings with his arm

Viking Drop: With blinding speed, Alphonse raises his feet up to 160* and tries to land a cutting axe kick towards the enemy. An after-image of a primitive large axe is lodged on the damaged area.

Signature Attacks:

Level 1 - Halberd Impaler: Alphonse starts to look relaxed in the middle of the fight, and dashes right in front of the enemy and jumps, roundhouse kicking their head. An after-image of a spear is shown impaling the enemy's head (70 Dmg - 4 Turn Cool Down) (Fire)