Names: Hien.EXE and Souhi.EXE
Genders: Both female
Elements: Fire (Hien), Aqua (Souhi)
Types: N/A (Hien), Recovery (Souhi)


Step 1: Take two Navis. Step 2: Shrink them to about half their size. Step 3: Imagine them as little girls. Yep, you're thinking of Hien and Souhi, a dynamic duo of disaster at age 10.

Hien wears a red jacket with puffy sleeves and a spiky fringed collar, like that of a jester. Her pants are puffy like her jacket, and have a red and white checkered pattern. Her red boots look like they were stolen from Santa's workshop, with the curved pointed toes and bells at the top of the boots. She has the rounded face of a child, and red eyes that are a bit lighter than her clothes. She wears a large jester's cap on her head that is a lighter red than her eyes. The cap has two points that bend down to reach halfway down her body, and have two dark red balls on the ends. Hien's bright red hair is mostly tucked under the cap, but she has bangs that fall to the sides of her eyes and reach down to her shoulders. Souhi is much the same (Them being twins, after all.), except replace all reds with light blues, make the eyes an even lighter blue, make the cap even lighter (almost white), make the balls at the end of the cap dark blue, and make her hair a darker blue than her jacket, but lighter than the balls. Their emblems are the zippers on their jackets, Hien's being a small flame, and Souhi's a drop of water.

Hien and Souhi share the same personality: They always want to play. Whether it's an innocent game, or something that results in a large explosion, it's fun for them. When it comes to socializing, you'll generally think of them one of two ways: They're cute, or annoying as all hell. Depending on who you are, Hien and Souhi's near endless energy might just send you off the deep end. Hien and Souhi always try to stay together, often holding hands just for good measure. When they get separated, their energy gets very low, sometimes even making it hard for them to walk. But when they're back together, that seemingly eternal sugar rush they're on comes back like it was never gone. Truthfully, they're both almost a mirror image of Kirin, making for a perfect (or disastrous, depending on how you look at it) match between operator and Navis.

Custom Weapons: Fire Spirit (Hien), Ice Spirit (Souhi)
Hien and Souhi's weapons aren't really tangible, as it is really their command over their respective elements. Hien can create flames, whether it be on her body or around her, and Souhi can do the same for ice, although she can also create water due to her constant proximity to Hien's fire.

Buster Attacks:
Rapid: Hien throws small flames from the tips of her fingers, while Souhi creates tiny snowballs in her hands and throws them at the opponent.

Charge: Hien creates a large fireball in her hands and lobs it at the opponent, while Souhi creates a large snowball in front of herself and shoves it at the enemy.

Signature Attack: Slip 'N Slide
Souhi throws a wave of ice down under the opponent's feet, causing them to lose traction and fall. Hien then melts the ice with some fire, and Souhi re-freezes it around the opponent, encasing them in ice. The opponent can try to struggle to escape the ice, but the ice can last for up to 2 turns. The ice breaks as soon as it is hit.
20 damage, Freezing
1 turn Cooldown

WARNING: The files (Hien.exe) and (Souhi.exe) contain an experimental data-linking program. This allows them to share the functions from single programs, but it also limits their movement away from each other to roughly 5 to 10 meters. The following program types are affected by this data-link:
- HP (Both Navis have a base HP of 50)
- HP Memory files (HP gains are split between them evenly, although Souhi gains only half of that due to her Subtype)
- NaviCust files (HP Plus programs and any recovery programs are split between both Navis. Body Pack and Saito Batch are split as well, distributing each effect to one Navi at operator's discretion. Shield, Reflect, Kawarimi Magic, and First Barrier affect only one Navi of choice. All other programs affect both Navis and/or have normal effects.)
- Process Upgrade files (One Upgrade can not result in a separate attack for both Hien and Souhi. Individual attacks for both require 2 appropriate upgrades. Combo attacks require 1 Upgrade.)
- All unmentioned programs types are shared, unrestricted, by both Hien and Souhi