Name: Teethman.EXE (officially Teethman2.0, but never goes by it)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A


Teethman's appearance was remodeled by Hal after some other higher-ups in Belfast Avatars suggested that the original design might not accurately reflect the company's purposes, being seen as "comical" or "childish." Hal agreed, saying his old design was still buggy as a result of his old work. Thus came the new and improved(?) design, which unfortunately doesn't seem to have quelled the official opinion of Hal's peers.
Teethman's new design sports a metal, blocky helmet similar to his old one, with more thick, defined teeth in front of his blue face, with no eyes and only a mouth. His torso armor, one of the biggest changes, is sea blue and bears his Navi emblem, a black, zig-zagging line across an orange backdrop, in the center with a silver frame. Between this shoulder-blade area and his belt, the same sea blue as his chest armor, are two rows of teeth-like light panels, which randomly light up from time to time. The section can open to reveal a thin connecting part between his shoulders and waist. His shoulders are each covered by a shoulderpad modeled after a row of teeth. His arms extend from dark-blue ball joints beneath these shoulderpads, going into metallic arms that end in linked rows of three plastic-textured teeth. His legs actually seem more human-like, with a dark blue navi suit the same color as the shoulder joints. They run into huge sea-blue metal boots, the same color as the rest of his armor. A strange pack is visible on his back, though it has no obvious purpose.

Personality: Teethman doesn't seem to have changed much at all since we last saw him. He still has his strange broken speech and feedback-meshed voice that Hal originally programmed him with-- the company suggested it was in the interest of their pursuits, since people would recognize Teethman from earlier events in which he saved the world mostly by virtue of his unique voice anyway. So far as his personality goes, he remains more naive than his operator, extrememly loyal and characteristically dense, though within his mind he often seems to know more than he lets on. Nearly all of his beliefs are influenced by Hal's own beliefs. Teethman feels marginally uncomfortable around women, and tends to become confused. He becomes depressed sometimes when Hal has to take time off to do his work, but he understands and normally leaves his operator alone.

Custom Weapon: Tooth Puller- launches one of the three-tooth links of his arms at the opponent. Can fire all 3 with charged shot (stays connected, counting as one hit).

Signature Attack: Sparkling Whites- Teethman detaches the links that compose his arms, causing them to float seperate of him and each fire a laser beam at one specific point at once before returning. 60 damage, non divisible, 3 turn cooldown.

<a href="javascript: if (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_on')){while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_on')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_on').style.display = 'none';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_on').id = 'Heat Sonata_Operator_off';}}else{while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_off')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_off').style.display = 'block';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Operator_off').id = 'Heat Sonata_Operator_on';}}void(0);">Operator</a><div style="display:none; position:absolute; background:white; border:1px solid; padding-left:10px; padding-right:10px; padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px;" id="Heat Sonata_Operator_off">Hal Belfast
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Items: PET, ChipFolder, HPMemx3, ProcessUpx7, SpeedUpx1, SubchipFolder</div><br><a href="javascript: if (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_on')){while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_on')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_on').style.display = 'none';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_on').id = 'Heat Sonata_Navi_off';}}else{while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_off')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_off').style.display = 'block';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_Navi_off').id = 'Heat Sonata_Navi_on';}}void(0);">Navi</a><div style="display:none; position:absolute; background:white; border:1px solid; padding-left:10px; padding-right:10px; padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px;" id="Heat Sonata_Navi_off">Teethman.EXE
Element: None
Speed: 4
Subtype: N/A
Level: 7
HP: 160
NaviCust (25/40): UnderShirt (15), Shield (10)
Unused Programs: None
FXP: Bugman (20FXP)</div><br><a href="javascript: if (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_on')){while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_on')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_on').style.display = 'none';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_on').id = 'Heat Sonata_BattleChips_off';}}else{while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_off')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_off').style.display = 'block';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_BattleChips_off').id = 'Heat Sonata_BattleChips_on';}}void(0);">BattleChips</a><div style="display:none; position:absolute; background:white; border:1px solid; padding-left:10px; padding-right:10px; padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px;" id="Heat Sonata_BattleChips_off">Total: 13
(2) Cannon [40]
(1) Rageclaw [40 or 20 to 2]
(1) Heatshot [40+splash, FIRE]
(1) Vulcan2 [5x10 + spread]
(1) Zapring [40+stun, ELEC]
(1) AquaNeedle [20x3, AQUA]
(1) Boomerang [60x?, WOOD]
(1) Sword [80]
(1) Wideshot [60, AQUA]
(1) Cactball [3x20, WOOD]
(1) Shotgun [50+splash]
(1) GunDelSol2 [15, doubling each consecutive action of use, erase objects]</div><br><a href="javascript: if (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_on')){while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_on')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_on').style.display = 'none';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_on').id = 'Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_off';}}else{while (document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_off')){document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_off').style.display = 'block';document.getElementById('Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_off').id = 'Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_on';}}void(0);">SignatureAttacks</a><div style="display:none; position:absolute; background:white; border:1px solid; padding-left:10px; padding-right:10px; padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px;" id="Heat Sonata_SignatureAttacks_off">Data Consumption
Teethman overrides his normal perception systems to distinguish targets simply in the terms of their nutritional value: as a result, he can eat many targets that would normally be too dangerous for consumption and replenish his own supply of energy by doing so. Teethman only compresses the target for easier consumption by chewing: he can, in fact, simply bite the target once and get the nutrition he needs. Therefore, using this move on an opponent who is NOT below the remaining damage count will still result in life gained, despite the fact that Teethman does not eat the target. (Note: for godmoding concerns, the description of consumption will only take place AFTER the attack has landed. The attack's initiation will be trying to grab the enemy or object)
40 Life Drain
1 Target
1 Action

Plaque Guard
Teethman releases one of his arm's lengths of teeth after extending it to five blocks. This automated link floats to a target to be defended and hovers in front of it, intercepting incoming fire with its five block array and responding to the user's movements and intentions, moving aside or opening holes to allow attack through. The high memory needed to use this attack has some side effects: first, Teethman is rendered inactive for a moment as he boots the program for the arm to be launched; second, Teethman loses a bit of health in order to dispatch the arm, which takes part of his battle memory with it. The complexity of the shield also allows it to be detonated at will: once all are rendered inactive, the blocks use their remaining memory to fire a concentrated laser reminiscent of Teethman's old "Shining Whites" attack at the target who destroys the final one.
5xHit barrier on one target
50 Damage to one target
Self-damaging (15 HP)
One action charge

Teethman sets the teeth in the center of his torso into a rapid and disruptive state of constantly clacking. This disruptive sound pattern affects the accuracy of opponents trying to focus on Teethman. Teethman can still fight normally while this process is active.
2 Dodges
1 Action
Only self-applicable

Teethman sets the teeth in the center of his torso into a smooth pattern of clacking, creating a metronome-like sound that makes timing easier. This serves to improve the accuracy of Teethman and up to one ally, who he must remain within earshot of.
1 Accuracy Enhancement for self, 1 for an ally (cannot stack on self)
1 Action
2 TCD</div>
Zenny: 15400