Name: Broadside.EXE (another GX Project Navi)
Gender: Male
Element: Elec (Energy Weapons)
Type: Break

Appearance: Broadside.EXE stands at approximately 5 meters in height when standing up on the ground, and weighs in at approximately 120 metric tons.
The Body is obviously heavily armored (mecha-style). The armor itself is quite blocky in appearance, with colors ranging from White in some spots, to Black in others. Each "piece" of the armor is uniformly colored, aside from the occasional Red-color markings or (illegible) print. The upper portion of the body is a bit broader than the lower portion. The left and right torso appear to be modified for concealing hidden weaponry. There are also weapon/jet pods mounted on his back. They are white with gray and black accents. They allow for limited flight capability, and facilitate more than one of Broadside.EXE's attacks. The torso is capable of 360 Degree rotation (back-stabbers beware).

The Navi's right arm, aside from being encased in white armor with grey-and-black accent parts, ends in a normal, yet fairly large mechanical hand. There is a large white squared-off sheild mounted on the upper-arm on the right side. This sheild can rotate, and extend smaller plates from the top and the bottom when defending. The shield itself stands almost as tall as Broadside when the extension plates are deployed, and is 2/3 the width of his body, regardless.

The Navi's left arm is simply a nondescript looking dark-gray-colored "box" that is as long as the Navi is tall. The appendage appears to be a very large, if crude, chisel. It's width is uniform until it narrows to a wide-edged point (much like a stake) starting very close to the long-end of the "arm." This arm can only pivot up and down, no side-to-side movement is possible. This arm houses several weapon programs, and will open in different places to launch various Navi attacks and chips. The Frag-Shot Cannon, Bunker Buster Howitzer, and Deletion Cannon are housed here.

The legs are encased in very solid-looking armor, sporting jets that allow rapid movement and the ability to jump and hover. These jets are internal, and angle out of the lower portion of the Navi's armored legs. There are also spiked anchors mounted on hinges at approximately where the Navi's ankles should be. These are used to anchor Broadside.EXE to the ground for some of his more... spectacular attacks.

The top half of the Navi's face is covered by an opaque grey metallic face-plate, with the lower half of the face being visible. The face-plate appears solid from the outside, with no visual scopes or lights of any kind being visible (aka: it looks plain). A boom-mic curves around in front of the mouth from the left side of the Navi's helmet. A pair of antennae rise up from both sides of the helmet (thats 4 total) right about where the Navi's ears would be from a disk-like protrusion. The ones in the front are longer than the ones in the back, but they all angle up and backwards. The Navi's lower face is human-like. It is impossible to tell how the Navi can see at all, just from looking at it.

Broadside.EXE's Navi Emblem is mounted on the center of his shield, and on both ear-covers. The symbol is a picture of a modern cannon shell on a dark blue background.

Broadside V1

Broadside V2

Broadside V3 (Incomplete)

Broadside: White Guard

[Image Coming Soon]
??? V1

-As Broadside: As far as anyone can tell, he would have to be described as Quiet and Stoic. He rarely speaks. It takes quite a bit to get him to react to others at times. He is highly intelligent, but doesn't give any overt indication of it. He follows orders well, though not always in the manner specified if he thinks there is a better way. This Navi fears nothing.

-Form Shift: Depends upon the form Broadside assumes. He will act in whatever manner he deems appropriate for the form he assumes.

Innate Normal Abilities
Form Shift: One of Broadside's evolved capabilities. He can change his appearance to any of the forms he has spent time crafting and has added to his programming. The change is purely cosmetic, and has no effect on his battle capabilities. Broadside can take on these forms, but cannot copy the attacks and abilities of the form itself. To mimic these abilities, Broadside must use Battle Chips, NaviCust Programs, and Sub Chips. This ability is used because it is impossible to mask Broadside's massive form with something as simple as a cloak. It is also used to allow him to walk amongst the other Navis and Progs on the net without scaring them half to death with his normally imposing form.

Current Forms
Broadside.GMB (Graphic Model Base)
White Guard.GMO

Innate Battle Abilities
Jet Propulsion (This allows Broadside to jump, hover, dash, fly, and dodge in spite of his enormous size and weight. His flight capabilities are limited however.)

Custom Weapons: Broadside was designed and programmed for heavy combat, and comes equipped with an entire arsenal of Anti-Navi weaponry.

Buster Shot (Null):
Hailstorm Gatling: Broadside deploys the Hailstorm Gatling, a low caliber high velocity multi-barrel coil-gun, and spins up the rotation engine. The high-tech Gatling gun then magnetically launches a high velocity stream of [Power * Rapid * 2] iridium-coated tungsten darts, each dealing 1 Null Damage on impact.

Charged Shot (Elec):
Meason Shatter Gun: Broadside deploys the Meason Shatter Gun, a large bore sub atomic particle shotgun, and charges the energy weapon. At max charge, the beam scatter cannon erupts with a deafening blast that slams one target with a spread of high density particle bolts. Deals [Power * Charge * 8] Elec Damage on impact.

Melee Attack (Null):
Power Jab: Broadside executes a quick jab attack that deals [Power * Rapid * 2] Null Damage to the target.

Charged Melee (Elec):
Gigas Fist: Broadside closes his only hand into an enormous fist, twists his torso to wind up for the punch, charges it with electricity, and then lets fly with an extremely powerful punch that shatters even the strongest armor like a sledgehammer hitting glass. This attack deals [Power * Charge * 8] Elec Damage.

Additional Armament:
-Frag-Shot Cannon
-Tower Shield
-Missile Launcher (x2)
-Cluster Bomb Mortar
-Bunker Buster Howitzer
-F.A.E. Launcher
-Remote Attack Units (x6)
-Deletion Cannon


Level: 21
Process Upgrades: 21
Sig Pool: 900 Used / 900 Max
Sig Caps: 220 (330) / 35

Broadside.EXE (660/900)


Towering Guard : (Cost: 80 + 40 Nerf Cap) (Block up to 6 Attacks/Hits, Side Effect: Slow, 3 TCD)
- Description: Broadside utilizes his massive Tower Shield to attempt to block incoming attacks. The shield is brought into the line of an incoming attack, the extension plates are deployed, and the shield is magnetically charged to help repel the attack, providing a solid wall of defense that will hopefully deflect an incoming blow. Broadside can charge the shield with up to 4 Magnetic Charges at one time (without an NCP boost), with 1 turn of cooldown added for each additional charge given to the shield. Cooldown begins when the Tower Shield is hit enough times to expend all of the charges, which also causes the shield to move back to its storage position.

- Note : Towering Guard can only defend attacks from one direction at a time. If attacks come from 2 separate, and widely diverging directions at the same exact time, one is guaranteed to hit. The Tower Shield, when deployed, also hampers some of Broadside's other Sig Attacks, as well as his ability to use his right arm for Throwing and Melee attacks (because the shield is in the way).


Aegis Defense EX : (Cost: 80) (Passive: 20 HP Barrier)
- Description: Over time, the source of Broadside's Aegis Defense has subtly rewritten the code that drives it. The result, as far as anyone was able to tell, was an entirely automated barrier system that pulse-generated defensive energy fields every few seconds. The new defensive apparatus also had the observed ability to project barriers onto multiple targets at the same time. As before, even Jared is unable to tell what exactly powers this effect, or what even programmed it in the first place.


Type-B Armored Casing Rev-2 : (Cost: 80) (Passive: 20 HP Casing)
- Description: Encases Broadside within a layer of "Bio-Metal" armor, as Jared calls it. Contrary to the name, the armor is simply laced with nanotech mimicking self-repair subroutines, as there is nothing even vaguely biological about it. Recent field testing in Sharo showed a discrepancy between the tuned performance specs of the armor, and actual performance levels. Jared has since retooled the armor protocols to operate at the actually observed performance levels.


Plasma Charged Arms I : (Cost: 80) (Passive: Imbue Elec)
- Description: Broadside's reactor core has seen many an improvement over the last year. Jared's latest attempt at making Broadside's coding more stable resulted in a significant surplus of Electrical energy output from the reactor, although Jared is not entirely sure why it turned out that way. Regardless of whatever the reason for the unexplained spike in output may be, Jared saw a need to utilize it in some way before Broadside's protocols destabilized yet again. His solution: Add a large bank of power capacitors with a direct shunt into Broadside's vast arsenal of weaponry. With as often as the Navi used his weapons, the capacitors were pretty much guaranteed to stay discharged, thus patching yet another potential crash generating coding issue. The side effect of this patch is that many of Broadside's Non-Elemental attacks are now converted to Elec-Elemental.


Plasma Charged Arms II : (Cost: 80) (Passive: Imbue Elec)
- Description: Jared's recent efforts to repair Broadside's broken code has resulted in another emergency outlet for discharging excess energy. Of course, those very same efforts may have created the need for this outlet in the first place....


Missile Barrage L : (Cost: 80 + 40 Nerf Cap) (5 Elec x 20 Missiles + Seeking + Blast1, Side Effect: Slow, 3 TCD)
- Description: Broadside opens the bay doors for the Missile Battery in his left torso, locks on, and fires a cloud of long-range smart missiles that see right through Invis and Dropdown, and are immune to Blinding effects. All else failing, the missiles have a proximity detonator, and will fire their warhead at the target around a corner if necessary. The warheads can also be modified to pierce armor before exploding.


Missile Barrage R : (Cost: 80 + 40 Nerf Cap) (5 Elec x 20 Missiles + Seeking + Blast1, Side Effect: Slow, 3 TCD)
- Description: Broadside opens the bay doors for the Missile Battery in his right torso, locks on, and fires a cloud of long-range smart missiles that see right through Invis and Dropdown, and are immune to Blinding effects. All else failing, the missiles have a proximity detonator, and will fire their warhead at the target around a corner if necessary. The warheads can also be modified to pierce armor before exploding.


Bunker Buster MK-II : (Cost: 100 + 40 Nerf Cap) ([100 [color=orange]Elec[/color] + Blast1] + [[b]Large Area Magnet Terrain Change[/b]], Side Effect: Slow, 4 TCD)
- Description: Broadside brings his weapon arm to bear, and deploys the split barreled rail driver. The driver charges, then launches a single howitzer shell with a smart warhead. The warhead detonates when the shell impacts a target, object, or the ground, or detonates if it reaches the preset distance stored in memory. Upon detonation, a secondary warhead is fired into the ground. This secondary warhead burrows deep underground, then detonates in an underground plasma explosion that forces everything within the blast zone that was below ground to the surface while inflicting heavy damage. The panels above the affected area become irradiated, and change to Magnetic Panels.

- Note : Bunker Buster deals a fixed amount of 50 Elec damage to everything underground within the terrain change area at the time of the terrain change, no exceptions.


Ro.SP (80/900)


Type-E Riot Shield : (Cost: 80) (Passive: 1-Hit Shield)
- Description: This is the signature manifestation of Ro's Riot Shield, which is usually lashed to his left arm. It allows Ro to defend against 1 non-Break attack each turn with the electromagnetic field generator built into his shield. After taking a hit, the field generator takes a little time to cycle back up and produce another defensive field. Without this field, the shield would likely be unable to stop most forms of attack.


Nadia.SP (80/900)


"Armor UP!" : (Cost: 40) (20 HP Casing x up to 2 Targets, 1 TCD)
- Description: Nadia is a Commander, and her orders Will Be Obeyed; may whatever God(s) you believe in help you otherwise. This signature is one such command. Nadia shouts this order during combat, and two allies of her choice suddenly find themselves donning protective gear because they damn sure won't disobey her. They don't want to know what could happen if they didn't.... Fortunately, the process is practically automated, and the armor simply forms itself over the bewildered recipients who likely aren't carrying any armor to don. Did we mention her orders Will Be Obeyed?


"Callin' the Shot!" : (Cost: 40) (Passive: Take Aim (Squad Members Only))
- Description: Nadia's twin blaster pistols are each equipped with TAG (Target Acquisition Gear) sensors, as is fitting of her role as a spotter. She need only point her pistols at the target, and transmit her targeting data to the ally she's spotting for while issuing orders to hit the target she's painting. Nadia knows better than to stay in one place long enough for someone to nail her with a counter attack, thus she can only spare enough time and effort to paint targets for a single ally's long range attack once per turn. When the shot is called, the squad member she sends the attack orders to will be compelled to attack her designated target, or else. Did we mention her orders Will Be Obeyed?

Note: Nadia also does not directly benefit from this skill, as she cannot mark targets for her own attacks. This is because attacking would almost certainly require her to move her TAG equipped pistols, which breaks the lock.


Rosa.SP (80/900)


Hammer Space Help? : (Cost: 40) (30 HP Recovery, 1 TCD)
- Description: Kind of a strange ability... Rosa is able to designate a target, and a set of medical equipment or tools simply appears around them and proceeds to administer medical or mechanical help to the target. Afterwords, the set of equipment vanishes. Rosa never has to lift a finger. She never has nor will explain how she does it, or where the tools come from or go back to.


Additional Hammer Space Help? : (Cost: 40) (30 HP Recovery, 1 TCD)
- Description: For when an emergency encore is called for. Seeing her do this again doesn't make it seem any less strange the second time, however.