Name: Bushidoman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Sword
Appearance: Bushidoman appears to be a modernistic samurai, armor and all. He has a simple stag-horn crested helmet and face mask that appears during battle. Out of battle, he has only his helmet - a more simple one, not meant to scare people (virii). His armor is mainly red, but has some black on the arms and lower chest.
Personality: Bushidoman, unlike Kyle, is extremely curious about any strangers that he sees. No matter how much it bugs Kyle, Bushido will nag him to talk to the stranger, or if something appears wrong, to ask about it. However, it takes only one wrong impression to turn Bushido against others. He is quick to make both friends and enemies, but will not hold a grudge for long. He will, however, try to hold friendships for as long as he can. He also is part of the reason for Kyle's good grades...Bushido nags him to study and do homework endlessly.

Custom Weapon: Sword - looks like Japanese katana, has red and black ornate decorations on hilt and some of the blade.

Signature Attack: Daimyo Loyalty Strike - slashes out at one enemy for massive damage. 60 dmg, 3-turn cooldown.