Name: Revenge.Exe
Gender: Male
Type: normal

While it is in black and white, the colours on the body (White) is red whilst the black lines remain. The outlines of the Black tattoo are coloured in purple that has an eerie glow to it. His eyes are an eerie purple. Other than that, the picture pretty much looks like what Revenge.EXE would look like. The laser that he uses to teleport from areas are red in colour.

Personality: Only one of the guiding souls of Kieron, being his only friend and the only Navi who keeps his NetOp from committing murder for sport. He is also quiet, and sometimes takes delight in deleting viruses, especially since he full well knows that viruses contain no life nor soul. While his program name is Revenge, he is often nicknamed Death by Kieron.
Starting Battle Chip: Sword
Weapon: Needle Fingers
Weapon Description: The Needle Fingers, while it may not show up like a normal buster, fires off needles from the tips of the fingers and can regenerate immediately to fire another needle where the first one was launched.

Sig Attack: Silenced Pain. This attack allows Revenge to disappear, move in extremely close with the enemy, and slash it up with the sharp and deadly blades on his body, resulting in an immediate slice-n-dice attack that deals a painful damage of 60 DMG.