Name: ShellMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: N/A
Appearance: A Navi with a very bizarre, inhuman appearance. Consists of a large pink clam as the trunk block, with a small black pearl inside. This pearl bears his face, a pair of round glowing yellow eyes that peer from the darkness of his shell and change shape depending on his mood, a small mouth with no teeth, visible from its bright red color only when open, and normally a small blush on his cheeks. A paler half shell clamped to the lower part of this clam bears his insignia, a simple affair consisting of a white shell in a navy background. A strange, spongy sort of tube material connects his torso to a giant pink snail shell that floats just above the ground, which serves as his bottom half. His white shoulderguards are shaped after shells, and hold pearls inside that act as joints. The same dark spongy material makes up the tubes that serve as his arms. His left arm ends in a pearl, enclosed in a large, white, simple shell, and his right arm ends in a pink-tinged orange conch shell, the narrower end of the cone facing away from the connection. Tends to sway back and forth as he stands open. If retracted, ShellMan can entirely retreat into his dark body into his armor, gaining the semblance of mearly a large pile of seashells.
(A sloppy sketch of the concept.)
Personality: ShellMan is very friendly torward people he knows he can trust. He speaks with a soft voice, and prefers to avoid conflict. ShellMan enjoys diversions from combat whenever he can get them, and would rather make friends than defeat enemies. He is loyal to his operator though, and always trusts his advice, so he often enters combat and enjoys it just because of his operator's presence and being able to make him happy. He normally stays cool under fire even if he isn't enjoying himself, but can become terribly frightened against tougher foes.
Custom Weapon: Pearl Shooter- fires a roughly-formed pearl from the left arm buster to damage the enemy.
Charged Shot: Conch Rifle- fires a concentrated stream of water from the tip of the conch shell on ShellMan's right arm.
Signature Attack: Catapearl- The tube forming ShellMan's body stretches out, allowing him to lean back and open his head clam. Snapping suddenly forward, ShellMan's head leaves his body and collides with an enemy, bursting into a bubbly spray. A new head quickly forms inside ShellMan's head. (60 DMG, Aqua Element, 3 turn cool down)