type: none
sub type: none

He is a tall black Navi that wears a very dark blue robe and blue pants. He has white hair and deep blue eyes.

This navi has no reculation of four years ago. He knows the value of comarades and will protect them when they are in danger. His personality is being board most of the time, unless something new happens. He does not know that his orginal name was "Chrono", because Alexander never called him that for the last four years for safty reasons.

custem buster: Ozho drive.
All this does is when he uses a chip, it will not look like it normaly does in the battle network games. Using cannon and guard as expamles, cannon will not genorate a cannon on his arm, but insteade, a ball of energy will appear in front of his hand and he fires it at his foes. And guard will not be a met shield, but a tall shield made of angel feathers.

lvl one sig: holy jugdement
A pentagarm will appear under the opponet, and will emenite a large amount of holy energy stright up. Deals 60 damage to one target. Colldown is three rounds.

BloodOzho.GMO: Ozho has blood red hair, a mouth with vampric teeth, and blood dripping off his hands.