Name: AniMay
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: A human looking navi, with the appearance of a dark haired, green eyed girl at about the age of 19. She wears a typical japanize school girl, with her icon as a hair clip. her hair reaches down to about her butt. she also has a braclet that she wears on her left wrist, that has a promenent heart shaped centerpiece.
Personality: she is protective of her friends, but has a firey temper when somthing offends her. she is constantly at odds with her net-Op, who's recording of her battles is somewhat annoying, espeially with his cries of,"be more dramatic!" and "OH! say somthing about love and justice
Custom Weapon: Heart pendant - pointing her wrist at the enimey, the braclet shoots a small shot of light at an opponent.
Signature Attack: power transformation - holding her hand up in the air, Her outfit gains what could be called bikin armor, powering up her attacks for one turn, in which the armor then dissapears.(+15 damage for one turn, 3-turn Cooldown, non-stacking)