Name: Wiz

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Wind

Appearance:Image by English_Ninja (With cloak)
Image By Heat Sonata (No cloak)
Wiz has short, messed up brown hair, green eyes, and lightly-tanned skin. He's always wearing a suit of silver-colored, medieval-styled armor with a light gold trim, but he usually wears a brown, hood-less cloak over the armor, obscuring it from view. The cloak itself is ordinary, and has no special or noticeable features; thus, when he has it on, Wiz tends to blend in well with a crowd. The front of the cloak is openable, and it can be removed at will. The armor, however, has designs etched onto each piece of it, and looks very intricate at a glance. On the front of the shoulderpads, he has a small, intricately-made star inscribed in black, inside a shield. The shoulderpads have the general shape of a slow curve coming down from the top, and at the bottom, a sharp, 90-degree angle turn upward, where it tapers into a point after about half an inch. The shoulderpads are about half the height of Wiz's head, and about just as wide. On the upper-right of the breastplate, over his heart, he has has the same design inscribed as on the shoulder guards; it's his navi emblem. The armor on his arms has no overtly distinguishing marks, but it's all very fancy and expensive-looking. He has a pair of medieval-style elbow-pads with a curved, smooth surface and a single, small spike coming out from the top. His gloves are made of cloth and on the palm of each is a small set of three circles, one inside the other inside the other. He has a pair of gauntlets as well-- the part covering the wrist is made of a metal mesh of some sort, and the part covering the back of his hand is made of a solid plate, with his navi emblem upon it. Wiz's leg armor is made up of a plate covering his upper leg entirely, a small shield, styled like his navi emblem with a star in the middle for the knee-guards, and another solid plate for the entirety of the lower leg, with an extra, overlayed piece of padded armor on the front of each lower leg, acting as a shin guard. For the boots, the upper portion is made out of metal where it curves down somewhat roundly to where the bottom of the boots are. At the toe of the boots, however, a sharp piece of metal juts out, acting as both a pick to allow Wiz to climb up walls if he so chooses, or a very, very painful thing to kick people with.

Personality: Wiz is usually upbeat to a fault, mostly smiling and trying to get his friends to cheer up when they're down. When he himself is downtrodden, however, it's usually all the way on the opposite side of the scale; he's always either a freakin' DOWNER to be around, or someone who you get a boost from by simply talking to.

Custom Weapon: Magic Orbs-- Wiz will "spawn" a single orb in the air for a normal shot, then fling it at an enemy with a mental command for his normal attack. For his charged attack, Wiz will similarly "spawn" one orb for each point of damage he'd normally deal, and send every last one of them flying at the enemy in order.

Signature Attacks

Level 1: Duo Shot/Lifegiver

Piece 1: Duo Shot

Wiz fires off two shiny, silver orbs, one after the other, at a target. The orbs burst in a small explosion on impact. 20+30, Splittable, 1-Turn CD

Piece 2: Lifegiver

Lifegiver is a small, passive piece of code embed in Wiz's program that is constantly repairing a small amount of damage. Oddly enough, he has a personality and can actually project his image/voice outside of Wiz, though it cannot do anything beyond that with these abilities. This is only the first of two pieces that Trenn will eventually code-- the second one will unlock these abilities and allow him to heal more. (Passively heals 10 damage per turn, adds fluff when second piece is registered in a later sig attack)