The young Netbattler, Kazuhiro Ishihara, has been cleared of all charges concerning the recent events involving the Net Criminal and renegade Navigator known only as Drakkas.Exe. Mr. Ishihara, along with his Navigator Miyamoto 404, were charged with aiding and abetting a known criminal, resisting arrest and several counts of Net Terrorism. However, after a lengthy investigation it has been determined that Miyamoto 404 was acting out of his own interests, disobeying Ishihara's orders and effectively becoming a "Rogue" Navigator.

However, despite his apparent innocence, Ishihara was still guilty of resisting arrest for several weeks. When questioned he had this to say,

"I was scared. Not for myself, but for him(404). He had been a good friend and I didn't want to see him deleted over what I thought was a lapse in judgment. Toshokan(404) was angry with the NetPolice, and was seduced by Drakkas' view of things. In the end, it became too much for me to bear."

Ishihara has since received full pardon in exchange for information he has given the NetPolice regarding Drakkas and the remaining "Rogues". Reports say that 404 was deleted, along with Drakkas himself and several of his top subordinates, in the NetPolice sponsored raid a few weeks ago. The infamous "Back-Up" data that Drakkas boasted of has reportedly been destroyed by NetPolice search crews. With the pardoning of Ishihara Kazuhiro, this is the last that the world shall ever hear of Drakkas.Exe and his band of NetTerrorists known as the "Rogues".