Breaking News: Rogue Raid Successful Thus Far

Agents in the SciLab Network report that the mercenaries sent to deal with the terrorists known as the Rogues have reached the final stronghold of their leader, the infamous Drakkas. With him is a Navi who calls herself Kris, thought to be Miyamoto 404 in disguise.

Attempts to find and question Kazu Hiruma have been unsuccessful. After meeting with failure in several attempts to find him, the NetPolice are dispatching detectives to try to uncover clues as to his whereabouts, and whether he is an accomplice in his Navi's activities.

Finally, rumors that Riccio has been attacking small establishments in Sharo proved to be false this morning when investigators concluded that the attack was the work of wanted arsonist and now serial killer Surline. Surline was originally an extremely high-spec research Navi, but seems to have been infected in some way, shape, or form, and is clearly suffering from cognitive glitches. He was operated by Gabriel Masunaga, a man whose main field of expertise was the Cybeasts. It has been determined that Gabriel was not and is not responsible for his Navi's activities. Gabriel is now working with the NetPolice in the recovery of Surline.

In a few hours, we will speak with Gabriel's longtime partner, Rhianna Wong, and her Navi, Elma, to hear their views on this situation. For those who are not already aware, Rhianna still frequents the Science Lab Network BBS, where she is happy to answer your questions.

~News Server
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Hello and thanks for keeping informed with us. I'm here in the studio with Dr. Masunaga's partner Dr. Rhianna Wong. She is well known for her work on researching the Cybeasts, and with her is her Navi Elma. The two of them, along with Dr. Masunaga, are working on recovering Surline, who is wanted for multiple illegal deletions and Net vandalism. A pleasure, madam.

WONG: Likewise.

ELMA: Yes, good evening, sir.

To begin, I'm sure we're all curious as to what you two, being those closest to him, think might have caused this behavior in Surline.

WONG: With all due respect, sir, I have good reason not to release what I know regarding this situation.

Well, do you ...erm ... ... ... What? ... Apologies to all watching, but due to unusual circumstances, we will return after a short break.

Thank you for your patience; we're back and ready to resume our interview.

If I may, Miss Wong, what kind of reason would you have for withholding such information? Have you been questioned by government officials on this matter?

WONG: *Doctor* Wong, if you please. And no you may not.

ELMA: The IPC weren't interested in things like why Surline might have gone berserk. We didn't tell them and we didn't tell you. As for the rest of the community, if you know what's good for you you'll stay away from me with such questions.

But what if the cause was something that might have affected you as well, Elma? An environmental or occupational risk? And what if you might be able to help the NetBattling community by releasing this information? Can you, in good conscience, keep this information secret as a scientist and a member of Net society?

ELMA: If *I* may, I'm sure that my actions in the near future will be of excellent service to Net society, and furthermore, that you and every other picture-snapping paparazzi should go --------------------------

WONG: We are working to reduce the risk. The only risk presented by Surline's condition and circumstances are presented by Surline himself. If we destroy Surline, we will destroy the, as you say, "environmental/occupational" risk.

I'll allow the NetBattling community to draw its own conclusions as I move on to my next question.

Why has Gabriel Masunaga been unavailible for comment? He appears to have withdrawn in the wake of this event, yet IPC assures us that he is not involved in the activities of his Navi.

ELMA: Would *you* just be able to shake it off and answer every microphone thrust into your face if someone so close to you as Surline had something like... this... happen to him? Surline...

WONG: Gabriel is distraught, and furthermore, he's extremely busy. The IPC wants a lot out of him as far as information, and he needs to gather some of it for them, being that he doesn't have it on hand. Frankly, you're lucky you got me to talk.

Next question: Questions have arisen regarding the apparent power level of Surline and yourself. Certainly, Surline appears to have massive reserves of power hidden underneath his exterior. One wouldn't expect such power from a Navi intended for research. Have Surline's powers been somehow agumented? And what of Elma? Do you posess the strength that Surline apparently does?

ELMA: Rhianna, if you would.

RHIANNA: No, Elma does *not* posess the same power that Surline has exhibited, no matter what overblown nonsense IPC has fed you. Elma and Surline, being research Navis, both posess vast stores of memory. People assume that research Navis are weak, and often they are, but a rare few are actually quite adept fighters. However, IPC hires mercenaries to protect them, because research Navis invariably carry so much data that they're lucky they can still walk with full mobility. Elma and Surline's capacities are exceptional even for research Navis. I can only imagine what Surline is capable of, thanks to this fact. Before you ask, Elma and Surline's powers come complements of copious funding from old friends of ours.

Elma's power comes from training and a copious amount of store-bought or custom-built upgrades, nothing more. However, even these are suppressed when she needs to transport data.

Would you consider Surline a match for IPC's mercenaries?

ELMA: More than a match. They're fools if they think they can take him without backup.

How do you know?

ELMA: I know that he is more than a match for IPC's mercenaries because I know that he is more than a match for me.

RHIANNA: In his current state he was able to nearly delete --and irreparably corrupt-- Elma with hardly a second thought. Elma has since grown stronger, but rest assured that we are dealing with no normal Navi.

But what *is* his power?

ELMA: I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you know what's good for you, you'll stop asking. We will destroy what he has become, and with him. It is not a threat to anyone but him and those who he threatens.

Were you four very close? What was your working relationship like?

WONG: It was just that: A working relationship.

What will happen to your research endeavors after this? Will Surline be replaced?

ELMA: No one could replace Surline! Navis aren't just things that you can use and throw away, especially him! He was--

WONG: [cutting her off] Our research has halted indefinitely. I might venture to say that it is at an end, permanently, and that we do not expect-- nor want-- anyone to continue where we left off.

Thank you for you time, madams. At this point I will open the floor to questions. Please ask in an orderly manner; only one at a time will be answered.

IPC will be monitoring this topic, thanks to... certain events... that have transpired on this board under similar circumstances in the past. Please stay civil and please mind your words.