Death of the Rogues

We have just received a very exciting announcement from the NetPolice: Drakkas is dead, and the Rogues have been disbanded. Most of the top Rogues were deleted, and those who survived have gone into hiding. The NetPolice has put out a bounty on anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts. Miyamoto 404 was deleted in battle, but it is believed that he has since been restored from backup.

Also, the NetPolice has put out a bounty on anyone who can give information on, or footage of Surline.exe. However, they also advise not to approach or attack Surline for any reason.

The destruction caused by Drauchen has calmed down recently, but most fear that the beast is only resting before renewing his attack.

Thank you all for staying informed with us.

~News Server
You are all far too overconfidant.

The Roi Sanglant lives, as do his Chevaliers de Sang.

The Dieux Faux will fall yet.


The Rogues' noble intentions are disparaged and inhibited by their stupidity. Now there'll be a hunt to see if this whisper is true.

Whoever you are, I hope you're proud of yourself. You just deprived Drakkas of his only option for release besides deletion.