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First off, a general warning to all Navis that are known to frequent the more dangerous parts of the net; the NetPolice have recently received reports of attacks made by the Cybeast known as Drauchen, and all Navi/operator pairs are recommended to exercise caution when roaming the net.

In other news, a Research-class navi of unknown origins is wanted on multiple counts of Vandalism, Arson, and Assault. If you see any Research-class navis wandering around areas of the net, please report their whereabouts to the NetPolice for investigative purposes.

In other other news, the navi/operator pair of "Miyamoto 404", also known as [404] and Toshokan, and his operator, Kazu Hiruma, have been recently labeled as Class B criminals, and are wanted for questioning regarding the Rogue Navi "Drakkas". If you see them, you are advised to report their location to the NetPolise, and not to confront them.

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