Dr. Infernos today revealed his research on the phenomenon known as the "CyberBeasts," or "CyBeasts" as they have already been abbreviated. His research is not complete, but he claims that these phenomenon are created in a similar fashion to Ghost Navis. The exact workings of both, however, are unknown.

"The CyberBeasts themselves seem to be data that was left over from some grand project," Dr. Infernos announced. "Though I have not been able to conduct a thorough analysis of the beasts, eye-witness accounts state that there are four such beasts living within our own Densan Network. Originally, the beasts were linked to a foriegn city, which was shown when Netto Hikari subdued them many years ago. The where-abouts of the Densan Beasts are unknown, but I believe they were created when the Cyber City beasts were deleted. However, I do not have concrete proof of such a claim, which warrants further research."

Dr. Infernos and his team of Science Lab researchers are currently investigating the possibility of the Densan City Beasts having been created by the Cyber City Beasts, but nothing has surfaced on those grounds. The scientific world is rocked with such findings and are all clamoring to be the ones to find and capture the four CyberBeasts. Officials are saying that the Beasts do not pose a problem to any Navis but ask that any sightings be reported immediately.