Earlier today, a Mystery Navi broke into the highly secure DenDome Network and put a halt to the Tournament Finals already underway. DenDome staff were powerless to assist as people were locked inside the Arena as the Navi demanded data from one of the finalists, who cannot be named for legal reasons. In an effort to subdue the perpetrator, the two finalists confronted him it in a netbattle. The perpetrator was almost successful in deleting both navi's instantly, but due to some quick thinking and timely backup they were spared. It is believed the Navi was under the effects of a Dark Chip.

SciLab and NanoPengi staff are already tracking the signatures of this NetNavi, as it seemed to be using DarkChips.

"We found evidence of Dark Chip usage in one of the vending machines," Said a NetPolice employee. "We tracked the path into the NetBattle Machine and then out into the net. We are still tracking it, but it may take a while to pinpoint the Navi responsible."

The NetPolice are on the scene, but were ubale to comment at this time. However, a representative handed us this atrist's impression of the culprit.