Name: Iris Raine

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: The first thing that one often notices with Iris is just how happy she seems to be. A smile often adorns her face, and the blue eyes, the same as her mother's, seem to almost dance when that happiness rolls through her. Her dark hair is somewhat long, coming to her her mid-back, though she very rarely does much with it, letting it flow freely. On rare occasion, she has a blue ribbon that her mother used to wear in her hair, which she will use to tie it.

Her body itself is rather firm and athletic, built from years of swimming. Like her mother, she lacks curves, for the most part, with only a small swell of her breast and slight hips. Still, that doesn't stop her from her femininity. A sundress, though black, rests on her shoulders and comes down, tightening a bit at her waist before flaring out, the fabric ending at her knees. The skirt itself holds a laced bottom, giving her an almost gothic sort of outfit.

However, her hands, up to her elbows, and feet, up to her knees, are covered by gloves and boots of a bright blue, mostly to offset the black. In addition, a sash of similar color adorns her waist, tied into a small bow at her back.

Personality: Enthusiastic and cheerful, she acts much like how she did in her early teenage years, being full of energy and excitable, if not a little flirty at times as well. She finds that life is far too short to keep herself hidden away and has decided to just go for everything that's out there, alongside Verdant, who is mostly her constant companion.

Originally her father's, who works for a company that does what amounts to landscaping on the Net, they were eventually given newer models. Verdant (who had then simply been known as V-304) was 'rescued' by Iris and installed onto her PET. Lacking the understanding of technical know-how to make him less monstrous, she instead very much enjoys the beast, finding his silence comforting.

PET Modifications: Very basic, with only a few stickers placed along the outside.