Name: Alexander Voss
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Though one may notice many things when looking at Alexander, the primary thing that jumps to the forefront is the semi-permanent scowl plastered upon his face. Eyebrows knit in either anger, concentration, or simply because someone greeted him, Alexander is a less-than-enthusiastic person, and it shows. His dark brown hair is often brushed but that doesn't seem to tame the wild mass, and he's often given up trying to do anything with it beyond making sure that it's at least presentable. The scowl is completed with the brilliant green eyes that sit beneath slim brows, and he has a tendency to not blink for long periods of time, which tend to make some people uncertain.
His normal outfit is a grey t-shirt with a black hoodie atop it, and a pair of dark jeans and sneakers. He doesn't put too much effort into the clothing itself, just as long as it's clean he'll wear it. Still, one can tell at a glance he opts for comfort rather than fashion, as the clothes themselves are well-worn and are likely very comfortable. His posture is often one that showcases as being 'bored' as well, as he will often rest his arm against a ledge or the table, his cheek upon it. Even still, he tends to let his gaze often pick over everything in the area as if he's looking for...something.
Personality: And that something are net battles. While he is still learning, he recently decided to get into it after some years of not having all that much to do with PETs beyond just having a NormalNavi to retrieve his mail and do basic things. A friend of his introduced him to the idea of Netbattling and Virus Busting, and when they had, Alex's focus shifted from what was just schoolwork and other such things that a normal high schooler would deal with...to this online world.
It wasn't that he wasn't technologically savvy, he had just never bothered with it. It felt like a waste of time, but when someone had challenged him to a Net Battle and, having missed his train and having to wait for the next, he agreed. The battle itself was over quite quickly, and his friend was surprised with how basic Alexander's Navi was. Curious now, with his interest piqued. Alexander went to his friend's house instead where they began to work on the boy's new netnavi, designing it a little more for a battle-oriented style. Hence, Vigil was born.
PET Modifications: Black with red markings. Very edgy.