Name: Damion Kie
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4'
Weight: 140 lb
Body type: Average
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown-black
Skin tone: slight tan
Clothing style: (Everyday type of clothes) Black short sleeve shirt under a red and black hoodie.
*Voice tone: Exited and full of emotion
*Usual Body Posture: stands high and ready. Usually very inviting.

Standing around 5'4" and 140lb. He has an average build, hazel eyes and black hair. He dresses is black and red shoes, Black pants with a black and red hoodie that is usually open. Under said hoodie is a normal black and red tee shirt. He normally stands tall and proud. Seemingly ready for anything.

Personality: He enjoys learning and people. He is a very outspoken person but values a plan more then thinking on the fly. He's very careful not to step on people's toes thinks that people's opinions are there own and should be respected. It would be very boring if everyone in the world shared the same opinions right? In a work setting he is extremely careful to do the task correctly then quickly taking his time to ensure the smallest things are correct. He can't stand a messy home or work place, everything has a space it should be there. He often helps the scientists at the lab keep there work spaces neat and tidy when he's not assisting them in any experiments they are working on.

PET Modifications: Normal looking navi Red and black color scheme matching the navi inside.

Chip folder a Cannon, a Shotgun, and a RageClaw1, (extra chip) Recover30.